Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Post: Apostrophe Designs

Today's guest post comes from Tori of Apostrophe Designs.Tori was one of my fellow contestants on SYTYC and does incredible work! I'm so excited to have her here today!

I feel so honored to be guest posting over on Made it on Monday with the fabulous Jill!

I have been trying to think of a tutorial that would fit in with Jill's blog and be fun. Since I will have babies on the brain until October, I thought I would combine everything with a cute and easy baby blanket.

I call this blanket the Perfect Corner Blanket and it is my go to baby present or baby essential.

Step 1 -- Start out with a square piece that is 46" (BROWN).

Step 2 -- Cut another square piece that is 36" (PINK).

Step 3 -- With right sides facing each other, center PINK over BROWN and pin. Start 1/4" away from the edge and sew along the side leaving another 1/4" from the end.

Step 4 -- Repeat Step 3, with the opposite side. And then the remaining sides **REMEMBER TO LEAVE A 4"-5"OPENING IN THE LAST SIDE TO ALLOW FOR FLIPPING THE BLANKET INSIDE OUT.

Step 5 -- You will have excess material in the corner's, so start with one corner and fold it to a point.

Step 6 -- Fold the tip of the point to meet where the sewing starts on the side.

Step 7 -- Cut along the diagnol of the fold. Start where sewing edge ends and sew along the diagnol (this is what makes the perfect corner PERFECT!)

Step 8 -- Turn blanket inside out and press. I typically don't like pressing things but this will give the blanket a finished feel.

Step 9 -- To help the PINK layer stay inline with the BROWN layer I did a zig zag stitch on the PINK side where it meets the BROWN.

Step 10 -- Fold the blanket and you are ready to give it as a gift or keep it as yourself!

**This blanket can easily be made using any measurements ( I simply make the bigger backing piece a bigger square by 10", this will allow for a nice border.)

Thank you so much Tori! I love the blanket! Be sure and stop by Apostrophe Designs and tell Tori how much you love her work!

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  1. What a cool blanket! I love that brown chevron. Nice job Tori.


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