Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post: Ginger Snaps

Hi.  I’m Gingerfrom over at Ginger Snaps Crafts. It’s a place to share ideas I’ve found, &
inspire you to create along with me.

I’m a wife to one awesome guy & a busy mom of 5 wild & crazy kiddos. I love to blog, garden, craft, organize & most of all be with my family.

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years.I love keeping a journal of our family,but I thought our family blog was gettinga little overrun with all my craftiness.So, that’s when I decided it was time to part ways& start my very own craft blog.So that’s how Ginger Snap Crafts started.

{Would love, love, love to have you stop by!}

One of the wonderful things about blogging is the wonderful people you get to meet. :)
I am so excited to be guest hosting today while Jill is having tons of fun at Vacation Bible School.

We had a HUGE problem at our house the end of the day every single cup in the house would be used! Ugh!

So our solution was to give each family member their own personalized cup!

We were to use that cup

Guess what?
It worked! :)

I know we just met, :)
but if you knew me you'd know that
I've had a little obsession
with vinyl for quite a while now,
but let me introduce you
to my new favorite {cast vinyl}.
It's awesome!

Cast vinyl is a durable vinyl.
It can be run through a dishwasher,
& it doesn't come off.
Cool, huh?

So, here's how I made our cups!
I got my cups from Walmart
4 for $1.00.
You can't beat that!
Any cup will do though...they don't have to be new!

First you need to cut
your family names in cast vinyl
or you can buy them here.
If you do have a vinyl cutter,
then cast vinyl is cut just like regular vinyl.
It's a little thicker than regular vinyl,
so on my Silhouette I had to
adjust the thickness setting to an 8.
(I get my cast vinyl from
Love those guys!

Vinyl (including cast vinyl) comes in 3 layers:
the transfer tape, the vinyl & the backing paper.
Gently rub on the back of your backing paper.
Flip over & then slowly peel back the transfer paper.
Your vinyl should stick to it.
If not put it back down, rub the back & try again.

Now your vinyl is ready to apply.
I always start in the middle.
Then I work my way
toward the end on both sides.
Gently rubbing the letters
& allowing them to follow the curve.
Rub over the entire surface with your fingers.

Gently lift off the transfer tape.Take it nice & slow.
If the letters don't want to stick to the cup,
lay your transfer tape back down & rub some more.
Cast vinyl is a bit trickier to work with than regular vinyl.
TIP: I noticed that if I put my letters on my cup
& just let it sit for 5-10 minutes
before removing my transfer tape
the letters tend to "stick" better.

Here's our cups!
Yes, these are the ones we use everyday
& they have been washed a bunch.
The vinyl is still there!
Love it! :)

thanks so much for
having me over today.
I really enjoyed it.

Don't be shy would love to
have some of you drop by

Each Wednesday I host a link party!
{I would love to see your creations!}

Have a great weekend!

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