Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guest Post: My Handcrafted Home

Hi 'Made it on Monday' fans! I'm Rhiannon and I blog over at 'My Handcrafted Home' where I make things for my home and kids, presents for people and occasionally myself. Through the blogging world I have learnt to sew and been given the confidence to try new things like painting furniture and sewing make up bags.

I'm going to show you today how to easily and cheaply turn a couple of plain tops into pretty tees a little girl can be proud of!


(Really she does like the blue one!)

The Scattered Button Tee

Start off with a plain (and very cheap) tee shirt. (As you can see I'm not so good at ironing, but then you'd hate me if I was good at everything, right?)

Get about twenty buttons and play around with placing them until you're happy with how they look. I went for the kind of these-buttons-fell-off-my-head-and-down-my-top look.

Double over your thread and start sewing on buttons how you placed them. I just settled in front of the tv and had them all done in time for the end of a half hour programme. 

To secure the thread after each button loop the thread through itself and pull. I did his twice because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to keep sewing buttons back on but once is probably fine.

Then put it on your cutie.


The Rosette Tee

Again start with a plain top, and then a couple of rosette flowers (Tutorial here if you need one).

(Just place them where you'd like them.)

And step two (also the last one!). Hot glue on the flowers where you'd like them and you're done!

(Pop something between the t-shirt layers to avoid gluing them together.) 

Just make sure to add a little extra hot glue if they flop down anywhere.

And bribe your daughter a second time to pose for photos.

Thanks for having me! I'd love you to come visit my blog to see more of my kids and simple, easy to do projects. 


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