Friday, June 17, 2011

Happ{ier} Feet

I had a long day of decorating today. Vacation Bible School starts Monday so some of my beloved volunteers and I spent the entire day transforming our church into a space ship. It was a lot of fun. But coupling today with a full day of shopping yesterday (for said VBS), by feet, and the rest of me for that matter, were complaining.

2011-06-17 003
(Excuse the frightening photo. It was 10:45 pm with terrible lighting that I tried to compensate for when editing. The color, if you’re wondering is beautiful in person. OPI’s That’s Berry Darling.)

If I was really spoiling myself, I would have got out a warm bowl of water, some foot scrub and lotion. But at least for now I can settle for a little polish. Last time I painted those nails was a quick job for my Easter Dress photos.

And since I can’t really show you much of what I’ve been working on, want to see a little bit of what’s inspiring me lately? Here are a few of my recent pins (follow me on Pinterest if you want!).


I LOVE this Play Sign from Simply Designing. I think it would be perfect in Jace’s nursery.


This fabric envelope is such a sweet idea from Emily of Jones Design Co.


I so want to make this skirt. Like right now. But I’m tired and really need to clean since my mom is coming. Maybe after VBS is done I’ll revisit this tutorial from Kelly of Sewing in No Man’s Land.


I’ve been feeling the itch to make these bracelets from Women Who Do It All. Maybe with a rosette?


Someday I’ll be rich. Or my etsy shops will really take off (you can see them here and here), or my shows will be hugely profitable. And since all of those are totally realistic dreams, I’ll be referring back to these tips for your first DSLR camera from Somewhat Simple.


And finally, since I’m feeling hungry, I thought I’d make you hungry too. Doesn’t this Apple Dip Dessert from The V Spot make you want to hurry up and make it already?

Are you feeling inspired? Feeling tired? Maybe painting your toe nails in the hopes that your house will clean itself before your mom comes to visit?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Jill! I like your toes. :) Thanks for the shout out for my apple dessert. Did you get a chance to try it yet? mmmmm.


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