Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruffled Wreath

Monday I saw a beautiful wreath on Ashley Hicks Design and Photography. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And then the mirror over my mantel started looking so bare. I had to have one for myself. So while Jace was napping, I whipped up this beauty.

2011-06-13 005

Ashley has a wonderful tutorial. I followed it for the most part, but had to do a few things differently since I was working with a wooden wreath form instead of foam like hers (yay for having Dollar Tree wreath forms just laying around!). Since I used the wooden form, the wreath doesn’t lay completely flat. Oh well.

2011-06-13 002

Since I couldn’t pin my ruffles to the wreath, I did the folds in the fabric and then hand stitched two stitches in each one. Once I had quite the pile of ruffles going, I glued them to the wreath form. I also used a nice woven cotton fabric instead of the sheer like she had. If I had sheer white on hand, I totally would have used that. I LOVE the way the shear ruffles look in her wreath.

2011-06-13 006

I liked the way it looked all white, but wanted a little bit of blue to tie it together with the mantel more. The fabric I used is a blue-green color that matches the filler in the jar and pitcher beautifully. I made yo-yo’s for the first time (why have I not made these before???) and added white rosettes to the center.

2011-06-13 012

I LOVE the way the wreath looks hanging on my mirror above the mantel!

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  1. I love your wreath and pillars and mantle and....everything you make. You have a great style and talent!


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