Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tip for ya’—Mini Sander

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My husband is a huge fan of LifeHacker… he’s always finding crazy tips for me on that site—like how to make your own yogurt (not that I’ve done it). A few weeks ago he saw this mini electric sander made from an electric toothbrush featured on the site.


I think this idea would be amazing for all sorts of small sanding needs… like the corners of cupboard doors I’m turning into signs or the nooks and crannies of bird houses


  1. hiya , what a cool idea , great for small detail like you said but i am still smiling thinking how someone was brushing their teeth and came up with this . lol

  2. Holy shnikies, I need this!! I am trying to do a rocking chair AS WE SPEAK - well, kinda. THANK YOU!!


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