Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Iced Caramel Latte

2011-07-17 008

Last week I showed you my favorite summer time beverage—an iced caramel latte. A few of you asked how I make mine. And since I really don’t have a tip or tutorial for you today, I thought I’d share how I make this drink. (I’m in California on vacation. I had so many projects lined up to make before leaving, and then my child decided to live up being 18 months old. I was lucky just to get us packed!)

And since I didn’t plan to do this post, I don’t have any pictures of the process. Just keep looking at the final product. Mmmm… I’m wanting one right now!

Ingredients Needed:
-Espresso or coffee
-Hershey’s Caramel Syrup (next to the chocolate syrup, for ice cream)
-Whipped Cream (I love the canned vanilla flavored whipped cream!)

I first pull/brew a shot of espresso. I have heard concentrated VIA ready brews from Starbucks can have the equivalent flavor/strength. In a mug or cup I mix that shot with a generous amount of caramel. I really don’t want to taste much of my espresso, so I like a lot of caramel.

Fill a tall glass with ice and then half fill the cup with milk. Pour the espresso caramel over the milk and stir. Add more milk to fill the glass the rest of the way. Add whipped cream. A tip for you for doing whipped cream perfectly (yay! we did get a tip in here!): Start around the glass for the whipped cream, touching it to the outer edge (on the inside if that makes sense?) and then circle inward. Top it off with a drizzle of caramel. You could always use the Torani’s or anything similar flavor syrup, but those are an odd sweetness for me. I prefer the stuff you put over ice cream.

For another variation, I mix a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix when I stir the espresso and caramel together when I make a caramel mocha for my husband.



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