Saturday, July 16, 2011

Make it by Monday Features!

I was so nervous posting the first Make it by Monday post! I wasn’t expecting it to be big to start with (nor do I really anticipate it ever getting huge), but was hoping at least one person would link up. So imagine how fun it was for me to have 6 ladies join in the party! As I explained in THIS POST I wanted to challenge myself each week the way CWTS and SYTYC did. And I thought some of you might enjoy it too.


We had some fun ideas linked up for the Outdoor Games and Activities week!


batik shirts

Kelli showed us how to make these fun t-shirts!


bean bags

I love these adorable beanbags by Rhiannon.



Amber had fun playing catch with her kids while working on hand/eye coordination.


fire out

Jaimee combined sidewalk chalk, hopscotch and water in this fun came of Put the Fire Out.


mister jet sprinkler

Tanya showed us how to make a fun mister sprinkler.


roller water paint

And I love how Julie gave her kids rollers to “paint” the patio with water (she also lists off a few other fun things to do outside!)


Thank you so much ladies for joining me in the Make it by Monday Challenge!


This week’s theme is Shoe Revamp, so get those shoes fixed up and come back Monday to share!


  1. Thanks for the challenge! I really enjoyed having a theme. And thank you for the feature!

  2. Thanks for the feature! I love a good helps focus my thinking when all the amazing inspiration I get from blogland gets overwhelming!

  3. So fun to have these themes to work with! I can't wait to try the shoe one- though I have NO IDEA of where to even start. Guess I'll head to my closet... See you Monday!

  4. Thanks for the challenge! I've started my shoe challenge.

  5. hi, like your blogs..very inspirational.. will participate in the theme def..


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