Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it by Monday: Outdoor Games & Activities

It’s time for our first Make it by Monday Challenge!!!

make it by monday

This week’s theme is outdoor games and activities. I feel like I kind of cheated on this one because I didn’t actually make anything. But Jace and I had a whole lot of fun with an activity!

title pic

Finding games and toys that will entertain my almost 18 month old outside for any length of time is pretty difficult. The child just doesn’t stop moving. So he’ll go from toy to toy, but get bored easily. So when trying to come up with an activity that would actually entertain him, I remembered one of the favorite games for our preschoolers at VBS each year… painting the sidewalk!

2011-07-10 001

Our “paint” was perfect for not making a permanent mess: water!

2011-07-10 007

You could make it more exciting for a preschool aged child and call it disappearing paint since it evaporates!

2011-07-10 013

A plastic cup and an old sponge brush captivated Jace’s attention. He LOVED dipping the brush in the paint, stroking or tapping it on the concrete, and then dipping it in the cup again.

2011-07-10 017

And of course, pouring out the cups of water was fun too!

2011-07-10 019
(Like Jace’s shorts? They’re one of the pairs I made for Jilly Bean’s Babies.)

Want to participate in next week’s challenge? The theme is Shoe Refashion!

Now it’s your turn! Link up your projects for Outdoor Games & Activities. All I ask is that you help get the word out about this challenge and either link back using a text link, or the button (in my right side bar) somewhere on your blog, as well as be a Made it on Monday follower!

Thanks for joining in on the fun!


  1. I love it! (and i bet my kids would too) we made chalk paint with about two thirds water and one third cornflour then some drops of food colouring. it looks like paint but dries and washes away like chalk. thanks for the linky party!

  2. Looks like Jace had a great time!!! So cute as usual!

  3. Looks like Jace had a lot of fun :) What a great idea! I love love love the shorts.

  4. My project is finishing up, but I'll be linking up later...Looks like Jace had lots of fun and that's the idea, right??

  5. I linked up, but didn't get the picture thing right! Sorry, I'm not so good at this... New blog on Wordpress. But I'm linked! Yay!


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