Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothin’ Like a Relaxing Monday Afternoon

Last week was crazy. Way too crazy. Between madly making lots and lots of items and then selling them (or dreaming of selling them) at two shows just 3 days apart, I was in need of some down time. I love my Mondays. Weekends are crazy busy with working at church, so Mondays are sweet relief.

One of my dear friends came over with her babies. Her daughter and Jace are just a month apart. We’re thinking we could start planning the wedding now.


2011-07-17 005


Madeline enjoyed modeling a pink Ants in my Pants outfit. In fact, she loved working the camera so much that she just kept striking pose after pose…


2011-07-17 003


Too cute!


Then, after they left, Jace was worn out and went down for a nice long nap. And what’s a girl who was up early madly cleaning her house for company to do?


2011-07-17 008


Perhaps enjoy an iced caramel latte (my latest favorite to make!) and…


2011-07-17 010


…pretty up her toe nails? Now if only the sun would come out for us so I can wear open toed shoes and show off that my toes are pretty again. At least I know that one week from today I will be out of the cold, rainy Northwest (where it literally POURED all weekend! I’m so jealous of those of you in the heat waves!) and in HOT HOT HOT Visalia, California visiting family.


I’m thinking the rest of my afternoon includes some shopping for shorts for the previously mentioned hot weather and making my tip for Tips & Tools Tuesday. Which leads me to wonder… is there anything you would like me to do a tutorial on for future Tips & Tools Tuesdays?


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  1. looks like a fun day! ok, how do you make that latte? looks yummy..

  2. Any chance you might share your recipe for the iced caramel latte? It looks so yummmmmy! Thanks.


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