Friday, July 1, 2011

Pretty Little Journals

I was at Craft Warehouse (the big, beautiful craft store in Salem that I visit rarely yet think of often) the other day, and saw these fun, ready to decorate journals.

2011-06-28 023

They were on sale, so I picked up three thinking they’d be nice to have on hand or could be listed in my etsy shop. Decorating went quickly and simply… just painted the outside edge so the checker board wouldn’t stand out (one was painted with a green I had left over after making some custom necklaces, the other two were painted black).

2011-06-28 017

Used Mod Podge and some cute scrap book paper for the covers and backs…

2011-06-28 018

Wrapped the pens in matching paper (followed by ribbon later)…

2011-06-28 022

Then used fabric ruffles and rosettes for the perfect finishing touches! Three fun, unique journals!

2011-06-29 007

This one was pink with a yellow design on it and was such a pretty paper I didn’t want to cover it up with a ruffle. So I made a folded rosette out of a flannel backed satin fabric, and trimmed it out in a light pink grosgrain ribbon.

2011-06-29 014

This one is my favorite. I love the black and white scrapbook paper, and wanted a ruffle that reflected it. I did a rolled hem on the edges of a strip of fabric with black thread for contrast. Then ruffled and topped with a black grosgrain ribbon. The pen is trimmed in a white grosgrain ribbon.

2011-06-29 019

I just love to look at it.

2011-06-29 022

This one is bright and fun… I love how many colors there are in the paper. The pink with white dots ribbon from Beautiful Additions made the perfect finishing touch!

2011-06-29 026

The ruffle on this one is made from a pink linen-like fabric, and the rolled hem was sewn with yellow thread for a fun pop of color.

2011-06-29 030

This was such a fun project to do!

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  1. Oo! I love these! What a cute idea to dress up a plain notebook. I think I'll be making some of these for gifts!

  2. So adorable! I love them! The black and white one is my favorite--what a fun idea!

  3. Oh wow!! I love the transformation. I know a bunch of little girls who would LOVE these!

  4. I need one of these!!!!. How cute!. I love the black and white one.

  5. First thing...Thanks for the compliment on my blog! Second I am so glad you stopped by because I now have found your great blog...Love it! Love your ALL your creations!

  6. Sometimes I only look at the first picture and decide whether I'm going to read a whole blog post. Can I just tell you I am SO, so glad I kept reading on this one? Cutest journals ever!

  7. Loved your journals....quick and great for gifts!


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