Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some of my In-Real-Life friends

I have some pretty incredibly crafty friends, and a few of them have some sweet blogs and Etsy shops! None of them have paid or asked me to do this, I just wanted to share their sweet skills and stories with you!

Becca is an amazing mom of three kids and has been on an incredible journey over the past three years. If you have some time to read her blog about her miracle child (and I mean that literally, I don’t use the word miracle lightly), I’m sure you’ll be blessed! She recently opened a shop full of super sweet diaper bags, pacifier clips, travel wipes cases and other goodies.

Her items are crafted so well and she has great taste in fabrics. Check out her shop, Journey’s Boutique!

I’ve mentioned Natalie a few times. She has a delightful blog, Blonde at Heart, all about her blonde moments. She also recently opened her shop, Lovely Afterthoughts.

She makes beautiful beaded jewelry. And it’s great quality as well! I love the bracelet she made for me this year for our church’s Women’s Retreat.

I also want to tell you about Amy. She blogs at Living a Radical Life and shares a mix of crafts, home d├ęcor, and, most importantly, her family’s story of their adoption process as they look forward to having a little girl from Ethiopia join their family. She opened an etsy shop, Living a Radical Life, to help raise money to fund their adoption.


I love the significance of this necklace to her story. She also has fun headbands for little girls! She hasn’t had a sale yet (her shop has only been open since earlier this month). Wouldn’t it be fun to help her get one under her belt?

So hop on over to their blogs and say hi, and take a moment to explore their shops. I can’t even begin to describe just how sweet these ladies are!


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