Friday, July 8, 2011

Takin’ Care of Business

I feel like I’ve been really productive lately. Thanks to some orders on Etsy and getting ready for having a booth at a girl’s night out at a restaurant next week, I’ve had the pressure to get things done! And I like it!


2011-07-06 034


I made these matching skirts for my hair dresser’s daughter and her American Girl Doll. The headbands are stretchy sequins with flowers clipped on. I made these in several colors and will be listing them in my Jilly Bean’s Babies shop soon!


2011-07-08 003


I’ve had the material to make more shorts for some time now and just needed to actually get it done! Jace is running low on shorts, so I finally found the motivation. I was able to get four pairs mostly finished during nap time. These shorts are the models or prototypes for ones I’ll be putting in the shop. I’ll also make several for the girl’s night out.


2011-07-08 004


I’m such a sucker for seersucker! I was at the grand opening of the new Joann’s Fabric store in Salem yesterday and just couldn’t resist buying these. I think they’ll make adorable dresses for little girls. I’ll have to make some prototypes in my niece’s size so she can model them for me!


2011-07-08 009

I’ve had so much fun making a bunch of felt flower clips! These have been some of my top sellers in the new shop, so I thought I’d make a bunch more in a slightly different style. I find it very relaxing to make these.


2011-07-08 010


Had to do a bunch of bobby pins as well!


2011-07-08 011


And, as you can see, summer has finally arrived here in the Northwest! And Jace has finally realized just how fun it is to play outside. Which means he wants to go outside all the time! This makes me thankful for a laptop and wireless!


Oh! And I need to figure out what I’m going to do for the first Make it by Monday Challenge!!!


What have you been working on lately?


  1. Love all the productive progress! I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for your boy's shorts :)

    I'm working on some crochet stuff and making progress it is amazing how good it feels.

  2. Wow, you have definitely been busy. I've been busy, but not in a creative-way. Unless you call packing for a move being!

  3. Busy lady! :) Where is the girls night restaurant thing at? And Yay for summer FINALLY getting here!! Lovin' it! You know what I've been working on...and finally table!! Woot, woot! :)


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