Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tutorial: Simple Maxi Dress

I enjoyed wearing my blue maxi dress so much that I just had to make another, and this time in a light weight knit. And I thought you might like to make one too, so here’s a tutorial for you!

2011-07-05 028

My inspiration came from these:

old navypiperlime
Old Navy Maxi for $34.95 and Piperlime Maxi for $83.95

After coupons at Joann’s…

2011-07-05 020

…mine cost $14.

Materials needed:
-2 yards (or more, depending on your size) of a light weight knit
-coordinating thread (preferably a polyester or nylon thread)
-7 inch zipper

***Please note: the straps on this dress are different than the five part braid on the blue one I made. If you want the braided detail along the top trim of the dress and as the straps, I have additional instructions at the end.***

1. Measure
Start by measuring across your chest from side seam to side seam of a shirt you like the fit of.

2011-07-03 061

Measure from the point where you want the top of the bodice to lay to where you want the waist band to be.
2011-07-03 062

Measure from where you want your waist band to where you want the hem to fall.

2011-07-03 066

Add 1 inch to each of those measurements for a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Also measure how long your straps need to be—from where you want the top of the front to sit to where you want the top of the back to sit. My straps are 8 inches wide.

2. Cut
Cut out 4 rectangles based on your measurements (as wide as the first measurement across your chest plus 1 inch and as tall as the measure from the top seam to the waist band plus 1 inch).

2011-07-03 068

For your skirt, double the width of the front of your bodice for the width, and the length is the measurement from the waist band to the hem line. If you don’t plan on hemming your skirt (I didn’t since the knit will just curl and not fray), just add 1/2 inch on for seam allowances on the length). For example: the width of my bodice (after adding in seam allowances) was 18 inches, so I needed my skirt to be 36 inches. So my skirt pieces were 36” x 42”. Cut two of this size—one for the front and one for the back.

2011-07-03 080

Cut your two strap pieces (mine were about 18” x 8” and they turned out to be way too long so I had to shorten them. Guess I didn’t measure too well!)

3. Sew
If this is your first time sewing with knits, or you aren’t super comfortable with them yet, check out this tutorial.

Your going to end up sewing all four of your bodice pieces right sides together so you end up with one long strip of fabric with three seams in it.

2011-07-03 0732011-07-03 076
2011-07-03 078
2011-07-03 079

Then sew the two ends together, right sides together, so you have a big tube/loop. Confused about what you’re doing? Lay the tube flat, right sides together (so your wrong sides/raw edges on the seams are facing up). The center two seams that line up with each other will be the seam under one of your arms, the two finished ends will be where your zipper goes—you’re making a nicely lined bodice!

Keep your bodice laid out like that and now it’s time to pin the top raw edges and put the straps in.

Take one strap and gather/fold/pleat it so it is only about 2 inches where it will attach to the bodice.

2011-07-03 082

Run it between the two layers (the outer and lining layers of one side of the bodice) of either the front or the back of the bodice. I pinned mine 3 inches in from where the side seam would be. You’ll just want to measure about how far in you want yours, depending on how wide your shoulders are. Do the same with the other strap in from the


Note how in the picture above, the length of the straps is hanging down from the seam. You only want the very end of your strap to peek through your pinning. Pin the rest of the two pieces (lining and outer) together and sew from one side seam to the next. Don’t go the full length of the bodice because you need to pin the straps into the back piece. This is where it gets a little awkward and you need to pay attention and be careful.

Take the hanging ends of your straps, make sure they’re falling straight, and loop them back up and pin them inside the other side of the bodice. Here’s a very rough computer drawing I made to show what it should look like.


The dashed lines are the seams you’ve already sewn. Once your straps are pinned in place, go ahead and finish sewing the rest of the length that you started.

At this point I put in the zipper. But last night, when I took off the dress, I forgot it had a zipper and just took it off. So the zipper may not be necessary, but I like knowing I don’t have to stretch the dress. I used a 7” zipper, and my bodice was 8” long, so I had an inch that I needed to sew together first at the bottom of the two ends.

2011-07-03 084

I then pinned my zipper under one finished seam (right sides out at this point). If I had been more technical and done a more professional job, I would have sewn the zipper in before sewing that seam and it would have been hidden. But I was going for simple with this dress.

2011-07-03 085

Using my zipper foot I sewed down what I just pinned, leaving about 1/8” between my new seam and the edge of the material. I then pinned the other side to the zipper and did the same thing.

2011-07-03 086

If you’re really good, at this point you’ll stay stitch the raw edges at the bottom of your bodice (not sure what a stay stitch is? It’s when you do a longer length stitch just to hold the fabric in place. You’ll also use a smaller seam allowance, like 1/4”). I didn’t do this, though, and just had to be more careful when pinning later.

Now you’re going to sew the side seams of your skirt. Because my skirt width was the same as the fabric width, I just had to do one side seam so I had a tube. If you’ve walked away from your machine at any point, or turned it off, always make sure you have it set to the right stitch before you start sewing again. You’d hate to be doing a straight stitch and then have to pick it out, or risk the stitching break when you’re wearing your dress.

2011-07-03 087

Now it’s time to gather the material for your skirt. At this point I switched back to a straight stitch, set my tension to the highest setting and my stitch length to the longest.

2011-07-03 089

I then ran the top edge of my skirt through the machine and it gathered as it went. What I ended up with was just barely wider than the bodice, so I didn’t even bother pulling the thread to tighten the gathers at all—just pinned some extra gathers in as I did the next step.

Keeping your skirt wrong sides out, put your bodice, neck down and right sides out inside the skirt. You’ll want the bottom edge of the bodice to line up with the top edge of your skirt, so the right sides are together. So now they make a nice tube. Make sure your side seams are lined up, and then pin them together. I made sure the skirt had extra sticking up at the top, so that way I wouldn’t have to worry about my gathering stitch showing.

2011-07-03 091

Don’t forget to switch back to your knit or zig zag stitch! Now sew the two together. And watch out for where the zipper is and make sure you don’t try to sew on the metal end piece. What’s that? How do I know to caution you? Oh, maybe because I totally broke my needle on it and had to finish it with my serger because I didn’t have another ball point needle. We don’t need to get into that though.

2011-07-03 092

And now, your dress is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you’ve been trying it on along the way to make sure it actually is fitting you, and making some adjustments here and there as needed. I know that I had to take in my side seams a bit on the bodice, as well as shorten my straps quite a bit.

2011-07-05 012

Then, enjoy wearing it!

2011-07-05 017
(My dog was so excited that I was taking pictures and had to be a part of the photo shoot as well.)

***Five Part Braid Modification***

2011-07-02 010

If you are wanting to add the braided trim and straps to your dress, like on my blue one, it’s very simple! Follow THIS tutorial and make enough braid for the width of the front of your bodice and the two straps. Then, follow the instructions for sewing in the straps, only use your braid instead of the ones I used. Once your bodice is all finished, top stitch the braid onto the front of the bodice. You’ll want to finish off the ends of the braid and tuck them under before sewing them on. Nice and simple!

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you end up making a dress, please let me know! I’d love to see it! You can either send me a link to your blog post about it, or email me pictures at nolanandjill {at} gmail {dot} com. I really do want to see what you make!!! I’ll probably even feature it!

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