Friday, August 12, 2011

Antique Radio Cabinet Turned Entertainment Center

2011-08-11 004


Yesterday I showed you how we rearranged our living room and not only gained space but turned it into a room I now love. Today I’m excited to show you my new favorite piece of furniture.


2011-08-11 028

(All the wires will eventually be hidden in the walls.)


An antique radio cabinet. We knew we’d be needing something new to hold the stereo receiver, satellite receiver, a speaker and our dvds. I needed to find a media cabinet without it having a sleek look while also being under $100. We figured anything we found in that price range would need some modifying—whether it be paint, converting cupboard doors to screened doors (so the remotes would still work) or changing drawers to shelves.


2011-08-11 027


We watched Craigslist, garage sales and a few antique stores. I couldn’t find anything deep enough that was within our price range. Then last Sunday I remembered the Albany Antique Mall downtown. I can’t count the number of times I’ve driven past it and thought I should go explore. I finally did and am so happy about it! The place is massive! The building used to hold a large two story furniture store and now it’s packed in every nook and cranny with booths full of antiques, furniture, décor and oh, so many treasures! I was walking around the second floor when I happened upon this beauty.


2011-08-11 015


It was everything I had been hoping for an more. The perfect dimensions, the perfect paint and distressing job, the screened door, shelves, character, and it was intended to be a media cabinet—just in a different era of media. And the price tag said, “$15 As Is.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Only problem was there was a sold tag on it saying it was only hold for Sunday. A quick inquiry at the front desk told me if the person holding it didn’t show up by closing it was mine. I hovered for a half hour. I was hopeful. I prayed that they wouldn’t come back. She came back. But she was another vendor and just wanted it for her booth. I was able to talk her into selling it to me if I offered more. I knew she’d have to pay a commission on it, so I offered $75 knowing it was worth every penny. How could she resist such an offer? A nice fat profit for her without her even needing to touch it! I was elated! And had to think through how I’d explain to Nolan that the unit I’d texted him was $15 actually cost us $75.


2011-08-07 002


While much of the cabinet had been changed since its original state—just an odd shaped hole indicated where the record player once was in the drawer and the silver strip about the radio indicated where it once sat, the original sticker was left in tact on the back. This baby was mahogany and ordered from the Sears, Robuck and Co. and I even have the catalogue number.


2011-08-11 032


I learned a nice little lesson in measuring and paying attention to how support brackets can change what your actual space is like. Oops! So Nolan had to modify the cabinet by cutting away part of the center support wall and adding a shelf under where the drawer would have been.


2011-08-07 039


I love having a handy husband! You can see below how the center support jets out to the left to make room for the stereo and satellite receivers. There’s just enough room for both the electronics and the speaker.


2011-08-11 029


The drawer wouldn’t have worked because it had a hole in the base for a record player to fit in. Nolan put a shelf in its place and then took the drawer front off, attached hinges (saved from a piece of furniture that fell apart years ago). It’s the perfect spot for me to hide all the Wii controllers!


2011-08-11 034


The top shelves are the perfect size for the Wii, DVDs and games.


2011-08-11 030


I hung a sweet tin, distressed “Home” sign that my SIL gave me above it.


2011-08-11 022


Nothing like fresh cut flowers for topping off a space!


2011-08-11 037


We still have to have the Blu Ray player on top of the cabinet, but at least it’s small. I topped it off with a chicken wire basket that was given to me years ago. It’s perfect for holding remotes and cords that I want kept out of Jace’s reach.


2011-08-11 039


And that’s my beautiful radio cabinet! I love that it serves the same purpose it was originally intended for—just in a more modern way! And the few modifications cost us only $3. The wood, hinges, and magnets (used to help keep the doors closed) were all left over from either previous projects or a previous piece of furniture. The $3 was spent on black paint to make the modifications blend in.


2011-08-11 024


I’d say $78 was a great deal for a solid wood piece of furniture with the perfect look!


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  1. I like the cabinet- It is a great find for the price- we have been looking for the perfect entertainment center for less than $100- haven't found it yet!!

  2. Your living room looks great, Jill! Love the new console et al!

  3. Nicely done! Love this salvage and repupose!
    xo Lynda

  4. Finally getting around to catching up on your blog!! So here is a comment for a lot of the posts! :)First your "new" living area looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it in person! :) What'd you do with your old tv? Love it!!! all your new clothing creations! So fun to have so many fun new clothes to wear!


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