Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Gathered Dress

dressin up week

I started my Dressin’ Up Week yesterday with the Delicately Ruffled Top. Today I’m excited to show you my gathered dress!

2011-08-26 008

I bought the fabric a while back with the intention of using the patterned fabric for some cute bags and the yellow for the lining. But then I kept looking at the fabric, loved it, wanted a dress, and decided the bags just weren’t as necessary.

I pinned this dress a while back because I liked how the bodice and waist band were gathered.

(Not sure of the original source.)

I like how my dress is a more casual version. I have a feeling I’ll be more likely to wear it often if I don’t feel like it’s too dressy.

2011-08-26 022

I didn’t take the right pictures for a full tutorial, but I can show you how I did the bodice. If you have never sewn before, I highly recommend getting a Simplicity dress pattern and use it to learn more about how a dress is properly assembled. Then, once becoming familiar with it, you’ll find it easier to just make one up as you go. If you aren’t very comfortable with reading a pattern, check out this post and this post.

dress 1

I cut out the front of the lining in the correct size for myself (used another dress as a pattern), but for the gathered front piece I added several extra inches to the middle to allow room for the gathering.

dress 2

Using pins, I marked where I wanted the gathers to start and finish.

2011-08-06 006

Then did a gathering stitch (set my tension to the highest and stitch length to the longest). I then sewed back over the gathering stitching with regular stitches to hold the gathers in place. Repeat along the bottom of the bodice.

2011-08-06 008

Then I ironed the gathers down to give them more definition. This gave it a bit of a randomly pleated look.

2011-08-06 009

Pin the front and lining together, right sides together, along the neck line and sew together.

2011-08-06 012

Turn right side out and press your seam.

To do the waist band, I cut a five inch thick panel that was long enough to go around my entire waist. Then, every four inches I did gathering stitches (going up and down rather than side to side like on the bodice), zig zagged over them and pressed to give those gathers definition.

2011-08-26 016

The waist band was sewn to the bodice, then I gathered the skirt (I used a lot of fabric because I wanted a full skirt) and sewed it to the waist band, added a zipper and hemmed.

2011-08-26 025

I like how the bodice has some looseness to it and that the waist band mimics the bodice, even though it isn’t too obvious when you just glance at the dress.

2011-08-26 015

I’m thrilled to have this be a part of my wardrobe! It’s the perfect summer-transitioning-to-fall dress. All I have to do is add a cardigan (and maybe a belt) when it starts getting cooler.

Come back tomorrow to see a cute, dressier top!

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  1. Oooh, I love it! That is so cute! You make such great clothing--it looks handmade in all the right ways, but not homemade (does that make sense? It's definitely a compliment . . . ). Great job!

  2. Gorgeous! You're so talented! I love the big full skirt too.

  3. I think that is one of my FAVORITE things you've made--and that's saying a lot! Love it.

  4. Pfft, who needs another bag anyway? Great dress!

  5. I love this tutorial! Thank you for being so creative and generous with your time <3

  6. Very nice!! I love the gathered bodice. Great fit, too. :)

  7. The dress is from Ruche! I have the gray version and I love it!

    Your dress looks great too! I like to sew, but I'm not quite on your level yet. :-)

  8. Super fun and summery!! :) Love this!!

  9. How did you finish the armholes? Dodn't see that anywhere.

  10. I love the design and made my own version of your dress this weekend. Didn't turn out as well as yours, but pretty good for my first dress!

  11. I can't find the PATTERN or is this a do it yourself thing?

  12. Hi, I was wondering what kind of fabric you used to make you bodice. Thanks :)

  13. The source for the original dress is case anyone was desperate to know:)

    1. Hi,I love,love this design and I'm going to try it out, you made every step simple thank you.

    2. I was hoping to download the pattern. Can you help? thanks.

  14. Anyway to make this in a size10 for little girls. It's so cute but not really my style but i definitely would love to make this for my daughter

    1. Michelle, I think you could just follow all the directions, but use a dress that already fits your daughter as your sizing guide. The instructions here don't really accommodate much of a chest (which worked fine for me since I'm fairly flat chested), so I don't think any modifications would be needed to make it more kid friendly. Hope that helps!


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