Monday, August 1, 2011

Make it by Monday: Organize

make it by monday

This week’s Make it by Monday Challenge theme is Organize!

I’ve been slowly working on making my current craft room/guest room a usable space that can be easily readied for guests. I’m naturally an incredibly messy person. But I’ve found that if I have good organization systems in place, cleaning can be done quickly and easily, and [hopefully] frequently.

2011-07-31 010

I have A LOT of fabric. Thanks to a thrifty mother in law helping supply my stash and an addiction to Joann’s coupons, there’s just a few yards piling up. I took a tall, wide book shelf and turned it on its side so I could put bolts in it like they are on display at a fabric store.

2011-07-31 063

And of course they look prettier when in rainbow order. Most of these fabrics came folded up, not on bolts. When I’m at Joann’s I just ask for empty bolt forms to take home and they gladly hand them over.

2011-07-31 038

The middle shelves are set and made the perfect spot for me to store shoe box tubs from the Dollar Tree. These tubs hold all the pieces that are too small to be on a bolt but too large to be considered scraps.

2011-07-31 068

The tubs are also sorted by colors/types: sheer, pinks, whites yellows and oranges, reds and patterns, blues and greens, and blacks and browns.

2011-07-31 035

I wanted to do some really cute labels with my Silhouette, and chose red to match the color scheme of my new craft room. But I had a big craft fail. I forgot to do the thing where you merge the lines (can’t remember what the technical term is right now), and the cutting was great but transferring was a mess. So just the pink one turned out. Isn’t the dress form image too cute?

2011-07-31 042

Under my desk I have more tubs stored. These are sorted more by fabric types/contents: baby shoe supplies, interfacing, felt, knits, scarf materials, etc.

I just love looking at my organized fabric!

2011-07-31 050

So how about you? How have you been organizing? Go ahead and link up. All I ask is that you help get the word out about this challenge and either link back using a text link, or the button (in my right side bar) somewhere on your blog, as well as be a Made it on Monday follower!
Thanks for joining in on the fun! 
(Wanting to think ahead to next week’s challenge? Our theme is DRESS FOR UNDER $10.)



  1. Looks great! I love turning the bookcase on it's side.

  2. Your craft room looks great! I love the bookcase turned fabric storage!


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