Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Sneak Peak and Some Features

I just finished making today’s top for Dressin’ Up Week. When I realized there was no way I would get it done while it was still daylight, I figured I’d just show it to you with [what used to be my standard] self-portraits in the bathroom mirror. But then I finished the top and I’m so, so, so pleased with it that it deserves a special photo shoot with the step ladder as a tripod on the front porch and my neighbors looking at me like a crazy person. So you’ll have to wait to really see it until after church. But for now, here’s a sneak peak. Because I just can’t wait to show you.

2011-08-27 023

I do want to make one more change to the waist band, and then I think it will take its place as my favorite piece of clothing I ever made.

And now to not gracefully change subjects…

We had some very yummy posts linked up with this week’s Make it by Monday Challenge.


Alice shared a great tip for keeping berries fresh.

chocolate chip

Lisa has fine tuned her chocolate chip cookie recipe!


Diana shared a delicious looking peach cobbler.


K made some adorable s’mores cupcakes.

Tomorrow’s Make It By Monday Challenge theme is RED. I kind of have a thing for this color. It’s pretty obvious the moment you enter my house. And, I’m able to combine this theme with Dressin’ Up Week. Just a little excited!


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