Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Lovely Organization

So life got a little bit away from me this past week. I had so many goals for the week after getting back from vacation. I was going to get my house under control. Jace and I were going to have a lot of fun together. I had some great sewing projects all figured out in my mind. And then Sunday evening (the day after I got back) a spot on my scalp started hurting. By Tuesday morning it was really bad, hot, and the pain was spreading. So I went to the doctor and either was told I had either an infection or shingles. Since we were within the 72 hour window for being able to treat shingles, he went ahead and gave me medicine for both that and an antibiotic. So long story short… I spent a lot more time on the couch hurting than getting anything done. I’m feeling better now, though! (And after reading up on it and watching how things ran their coarse, I’m leaning more towards shingles than infection.)


I have a really cute dress started, I just wasn’t able to finish it. And I’m guessing maybe a few of you are in the middle of August craziness as well? Would it be ok if we postponed Make it by Monday until next week? Then you can have an extra week to get things set/figured out/posted or maybe even feel inspired to participate!


But just because I haven’t been making much this week didn’t mean some of you weren’t organizing! There were some wonderful organization ideas linked up last week. Some of my favorites (and it was hard to narrow them down) were:




Jordan dressed up a few baskets to help sort the mail.


nail pollish


Kristi turned a spice rack into a way to organize her daughter’s nail polish. I think I would feel like I was at the salon each time I chose my nail color. How fun!




Alice shared how she organized special school papers/projects for her kids to last through all the school years.


I’m excited for what this week holds for me… a finished dress, a finished shirt (another project I’ve started but have yet to complete) and a rearranged and decorated living room which includes an awesome furniture find.


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! I hope you are better soon :)

  2. I forgot to upload my pictures to my blog, write about it, link Busy week! Sorry!

  3. Thanks for featuring me! Glad that you are feeling better! I'm glad for the extra week...didn't have any thing together yet, so maybe I can round something up for the next linky party!


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