Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips & Tools Tuesday: Varnish

t and t tuesday

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite products.

2011-08-01 029

This product will take your ordinary painted projects from nice and homemade…

2011-08-01 034

To professionally finished with a touch of gloss…

2011-08-01 040

I use this product on every painted bead necklace I make. I wouldn’t feel like they’re worth selling if I didn’t use it.


It’s simple. You just paint your bead with whatever color you’re using, and then when the paint dries, add a coat of varnish.

2011-08-01 101

It’s like the top coat on your manicure. Your nails are painted and pretty, but you know they won’t hold up as well or look as good unless you add a coat of top coat.

This necklace has a special story behind it. I’ll share it with you tomorrow!

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  1. Its a really pretty necklace! Can't wait to hear the story behind it! :) All of your stuff is great quality! I love that you put so much into your crafts! :)

  2. My friend just had a miscarriage I feel her pain. I have been thinking what can I do for her. This is AWESOME I hope I do this good of a job.


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