Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt Circle Headbands

2011-09-06 001

Yesterday I showed you the piles of felt circles I’ve been making. Curious what I turned them into?

2011-09-09 067

Felt Posies Headbands!

2011-09-09 032

These made a great project to work on while watching TV. I cut three sizes of circles in sets of three, melted their edges to seal off the felt, and then sewed buttons to the middle and sewed the on the headbands.

2011-09-09 036

I made them in a bunch of colors, but my favorites are the orange and black ones. They could either be for the OSU Beaver fans in our area, or for Halloween.

2011-09-09 058

I got a hair cut today and took several things for my hair dresser to choose from (I have a wonderful hair dresser who exchanges the cut for handmade products) and she took the purple and red ones for her daughter.

2011-09-08 007

Aren’t they fun?

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  1. I saw this on tatertots & jello-I love them! I think I might have to make up a few for my daughter this weekend!

  2. Very cute! The buttons make for a nice accent!! I love all of your creative ideas! Thank you for sharing them! I do the same thing, cut and assemble while watching tv after my baby girls fall asleep.

  3. Those are really cute! I have lots of felt so I should try these.


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