Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lower it, Jill, Lower it.

When I was little I talked a lot (not that that’s changed). And when I talked, my mom says I would speak in this really high pitched voice. I would go on and on and it was hard to listen to. So, in a deep voice, my parents would say, “Lower it, Jill. Lower it.” They wanted to hear what I had to say, they just had to get past the squeaking.

Jill 7

I feel like it’s easy to start squeaking on a blog. To be so desperate for followers and hits that you put out any kind of post/giveaway/party possible. I see lots of squeaking out there, and I feel like I’ve done some squeaking myself.

I’ve been doing some thinking about what I want Made it on Monday to be all about—the kind of posts I love to do and the posts that I feel fall in the category of squeaking. I love sharing tutorials. I love sharing tips and tricks. I love challenging my creativity and thinking through how to reproduce something. Which makes me think that my Tips & Tools Tuesday is probably not squeaking.

t and t tuesday

I love doing giveaways. But I only love doing the ones you really like too. I’m getting the impression that you want fabric, accessories, patterns, and clothes. You’re not so interested in baby things. Those giveaways would probably be squeaky to you.

I like hosting the Make it by Monday Challenge, but I’m afraid it might be squeaky to you, or could easily become so. I didn’t start it with the intention of it becoming the next CSI Project. I thought it would be fun. But I don’t really feel like it’s the best way for me to spend my time, or even your time as my posts show up in your feed.

So I’m going to follow the childhood suggestion of my parents and lower it. I’m going to speak with a deep voice so my words can be heard. I’ll keep going with tutorials. I’m going to keep pushing my creativity and try to be innovative, and I’m going to show you how to do the same. I’ll keep offering giveaways as long as they are great and something I think you really will love (something I would actually put the effort into entering myself). And I’m going to do away with the Make it by Monday Challenge. I think blogland has enough link up parties already.

But, since I still have a link up membership for the rest of the month, I’ll host one last party. I want to see what you’ve been sewing. Have you followed one of my tutorials? I’m serious, I WANT to see what you made! And, if you happened to make a non-clothing upcycle for this week’s Make it by Monday, share that too! And don’t worry about linking back anywhere, I just want to see what you did!

Jill 8

So here I am, speaking in the deepest voice possible, “Thanks for stopping by.”


  1. I like your site because there's so much variety in the creative projects you make!
    I am not as big a fan of tutorials, while most people probably are. I don't have the time to create the gorgeous things you are making but I do love seeing the pictures.
    Keep up the amazing work and I'll continue to stop by!!

  2. I am your newest follower!

    Linked up "Circle Bustle Skirt" - the latest tutorial from "Sew Skirts September"- a month long celebration of Skirts @ Adithis Amma Sews. Please do join in

    Check my blog and if you happen to like it, please do follow! Thanks

    Adithi's Amma from Adithis Amma Sews

  3. I think all your content is 'just right'. It's one of my favourite blogs; your enthusiasm and cheerfulness is very catching, whereas there is a lot of content out there that tends toward having a forced voice.

    I must add that yours is the only blog which has inspired my to join one of the challenges, and create something to fit your theme.

    Do what is right for you!

    Your fan,
    Sonia <3

    (PS thanks for sharing the cute pictures!)

  4. Jill, I never got the "squeaky" impression from you, and I love your blog! I do understand what you are saying though. I sometimes feel like I want to make something new just so I can link it to a link party (there, I admitted it!). Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! I enjoy your blog!

  5. I'm a new follower and found you through Blonde at Heart when you guest posted. I love everything I see on your blog and really appreciate how you post more than just mommy stuff. I like that you've found an identity beyond "mommy" and it gives me hope that when I do become a mommy that I don't only have to be mommy.

  6. I don't ever think of you as being attention seeking, the opposite. You post what you love and are a great source of inspiration and motivation. I love what you were doing with the make it on monday, (plus it finally pushed me to organise my desk!)

    You do an amazing job on here and I love that you take time to connect with your readers and that you are so approachable. You seem real and normal, like I could meet up and just have a good chat! Don't change! Rhiannon

  7. I am very new to the blogging world and I have been been enjoying your blog tremendously. I love the tutorials and just seeing your creativity. I was actually very excited about this week's challenge and it motivated to take on a project I had been thinking about. I linked up my upcycled bag above. Keep up the great blog. Thanks! Jess


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