Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet Reid—My beautified Mannequin

I’ve dreamed of having a beautiful dress form. I’d even settle for a functional looking dress form. But they’re expensive. Then, several months ago, a clothing store in a nearby mall was closing. And selling their mannequins. When my friend Lucy saw them, the price was $25. By the time I got there, they had one remaining female mannequin and she was only $12.50. I was thrilled by the deal.


She has done a good job modeling for me. I love using her to display accessories for my Etsy shop. Only problem is, she has some less than attractive features.

2011-09-16 002

She’s a full bodied mannequin with curves like Barbie—and believe me, they defined those curves well. So much so that I’m embarrassed to have her seen without clothes on. She also has some nasty scars that make me wonder what all happened within that clothing store. And as nice as a clean, black background can be in pictures, her style didn’t really match that of which she was modeling.

So I had some fun with book pages and Mod Podge. (And I have to admit: it felt a little weird painting Mod Podge all over her.)

2011-09-16 008

I was able to hide her scars and make her curves a little less distinct.

2011-09-16 016

And now look how beautifully she models for me! (Like the scarf? It’s in the shop here.)

2011-09-16 017

I purposefully allowed for wrinkles and bumps. I feel like it gives her character.

Oh, and like her name? I felt like a play on her book-page feature was fitting.

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  1. Oh nice! What a great idea! Reid is beautiful and a creative way to display your stuff. I love that you chose book pages! In fact, I'm going to check out your store now... Ta-ta!

  2. I love your mannequin! The name is awesome for 2 reasons good play on words & it's my brothers name haha.

  3. Jill, you are too cute! Great job on your lovely assistant. :)

  4. nice idea! i saw a mall closing banner last week, may be i should check out with them!

  5. This is really cute...I have seen variations of this at boutiques and they are very expensive. Great idea to make your own. I love how it turned out.

  6. I love what you did with her, she looks so much better now. I've started up a new linky party over, opens later tonight. It would be great if you stopped by to share this~


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