Friday, September 16, 2011

No Spend September: Week 2

no spend september

This week I realized that this No Spend September challenge is about more than not spending money on clothes this month—it’s about utilizing all my clothes differently. I don’t usually spend much on clothes each month; I have a tendency to say while shopping, “I could make that for so much less.” I’ve said that to the point that anything over $5 for an items seems outrageously expensive. It’s not that I find great deals. It’s that I think I should be able to find great deals. But when I do find something great, I love it and want to wear it Thankfully I see the same people over and over again, so I can’t get away with that. But I do wear that item about once a week. And then what ends up happening is I wear the same five outfits all the time—my most recently bought outfits. And then all the cute items I’ve owned for longer than [insert recent time frame] get sadly ignored in my closet (or in past months, on the floor of my closet).

So all that to say, I’m having fun wearing pieces I haven’t worn in a long time. Or switching it up. And throwing some recent favorites in there here and there too.

So here you have it, my clothing choices for this past week:

2011-09-09 003  2011-09-09 006

Friday I got my hair cut (yay!). Usually I look like a slob for these appointments, so I figured it was about time I had my clothes match my hair when I left the salon. I haven’t worn this top since the first time I wore it after buying it. I think I convince myself it’s too cool/cute for every day wear. I loved the way I felt wearing it though. Shirt: Maurices. Capris: TJ Max years ago.
I had a lot of sewing to do that afternoon, though, and the cute top just wouldn’t cut it for getting covered in threads. So the second one is my real life outfit. Tank: Old Navy. Cami: Maurices. Capris: Same as earlier.

2011-09-11 007  2011-09-11 002

Saturday I spent the day sweating in shorts and a tank top at a craft fair, but the evening at church was much cuter! It was pretty fun wearing an outfit entirely sewn by me! Shirt: Rounded Ruffles Top. Skirt: MIBM Red.
Sunday Feeling tired of wearing the same capris every week, another skirt made its appearance for church. Shirt: Maurices (years ago). Skirt: Gap (years ago). Shoes: ??? from Famous Footwear.

2011-09-12 001  2011-09-13 003

Monday We had friends visit! Top: Target (one of those shirts I would wear everyday if I could). Shorts: Old Navy.
Tuesday How is it that when all your clothes are clean and put away you still can’t find the jeans you want to wear? Shirt: Maurices. Hadn’t been worn since before I was pregnant with Jace. Capris: Maurices (are we seeing a trend here?).

2011-09-14 005  2011-09-15 005

Wednesday A good combo I can always count on. Favorite moment of the day? When the McDonalds drive through girl brought me my food and exclaimed how cute my outfit was. Shirt: Maurices (from years ago). Cami: Maurices (again, years ago). Cardigan: Target. Jeans: Vigoss from Maurices. Shoes: Target (I wanted to wear a different pair, but realized the cat had peed on them. Stupid cat).
Thursday Felt like being comfy. Shirt: Maurices. Cami: Maurices. Jeans: DownEast Basics (LOVE these… just wish I’d ordered longs.) Shoes: Target.

Momma Go Round


  1. Lovely outfits! I love the ruffles top the most! I have this thing for ruffles!

    Adithi's Amma from Adithis Amma Sews

  2. This is such a great idea. I spend way too much money on clothes. I should do a month long fast from Target. I can't even imagine the money I would save. I was thinking your pink cardi was super cute then I realized I have that sweater! This would be a good exercise for me.

  3. I love your TJ Max capris. I always struggle to find capris that look that great on me. All of your outfits are gorgeous. I wish I could shop your closet :)

  4. What is Maurices!?! In South Carolina, if you tell someone you bought something from Maurices, they honestly think you just bought some Barbeque! Not kidding!

  5. You made that red skirt & ruffley top? Those are so incredibly cute!!

    I love Maurices! Their Extra 75% off sales are my favorite!! =)


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