Friday, September 23, 2011

No Spend September: Week 3

no spend september

What’s a girl to do when a Monday starts with poop smeared all over her arm thanks to a blow out in her 19 month old’s diaper? How about layer the eyeliner on extra thick and spend lots of time achieving a good hair day all while the freshly bathed, mostly naked baby discovers a bathroom scale is his new favorite toy? (That is when he isn’t carrying around and playing with an old shower head and a can of shave gel (which was sealed of course. I’m not that negligent of a mother).)

This was one of those weeks. So I dressed comfortably. And with stripes. The stripes weren’t intentional. But I think every striped piece I own made an appearance. I might have dressed up a bit more, but my favorite nice jeans—Gap Long and Leans—are missing. Not sure how a pair of jeans disappears when everything is clean?

2011-09-16 003

Friday: Sporting the Navy Blue and Gold (my younger brother graduated from the Naval Academy a year ago) and my DownEast Basic Jeans from last week.

2011-09-17 004  2011-09-17 009

Saturday: My new comfy cowl top. I tried one pair of jeans (left, Hydraulics from Maurices), but didn’t like my shoe options with them, so I put on my skinny jeans and boots instead (jeans—Vigoss from Maurices, boots—Maurices).

2011-09-18 004  2011-09-19 009

Sunday: Slubby Ruffles Tank, Vera Wang Cardi from Kohls, Hydraulics Jeans from Maurices (again, I would have LOVED to wear my Long and Leans), I also wore red heels but forgot to take a picture with them.
Monday: Forever 21 Top, White House Black Market jeans (steal of a deal—originally $95 and I got them for $15 a few years ago), shoes from Target.

2011-09-20 004  2011-09-22 001

Tuesday: Top from Maurices, Jeans from Down East Basics. (Also wore the shoes from Thursday).
Wednesday: Forgot to take pictures but picture something very similar to Tuesday.
Thursday: Top from Target, Vigoss from Maurices skinny jeans, shoes from Famous Footwear five and a half years ago. (They are white ballet flats covered in sequins. I wore them for my wedding. Supper comfortable and I love that I can wear my wedding shoes again and again.)

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  1. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one who "loses" clothes, even when everything is clean!!

  2. Have you checked under the bed for jeans?

  3. Boy, do I remember those days! Great outfits, though, stripes and all.

    Oh and I wanted to be sure to tell you that your picture-taking style has inspired me. I have snapped a couple of great pics by holding my camera to the side. Great idea!

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  4. I am totally on the same page! I know those weeks all too well!! I had poop on my leg @Olive Garden one time. Motherhood is lovely!

    I love all your outfits! I love the idea of a no spend month. My husband would bet a million dollars that I couldn't do it! Haha.


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