Sunday, October 2, 2011

Accessory Cards

I’m a big fan of finishing touches. Whether it’s the top stitching on a shirt

2011-08-27 020

…the decorative stitching on a stuffed toy for Jace…

2011-04-13 028 - Copy

…or using varnish to polish off wooden beads…

2011-08-01 101

…it’s the finishing touches that take something homemade from sweet to wonderful. The same goes for how I present accessories that I either sell in my Etsy shops (Jilly Bean’s Babies and Ruffles ‘n Such) or give as gifts. I like to put clips and pins on cards, similar to how you would get them if bought in a store. I’ve done two types…

2011-03-05 004

The first one I used my Silhouette for. I cut out the outer shape in a sparkly pastel cardstock, then cut an inner border and inner box with two slits in it from white cardstock. Then I just glued them on. This card looked amazing. It took forever though, so I probably won’t go so extensively again.

blue petal 2

When I ran out of the white centers, I just cut slits in the left over pastel cards and thing they still added a great touch without taking up too much of my time (and patience). How much prettier is that than just handing someone two clips?

My other card is a lot of fun for little girls. I actually had someone buy a pair of clips at a show just because of the card.

2011-04-06 001

I picked up some Disney Princess Golden Books at Goodwill for $1 each, then cut the pages out, and cut rectangles of the princess parts of the pages and Mod Podged them on cardstock pieces cut to the size of a playing card.

blue 1

I originally had a different idea different use for these in mind, hence the numbers, but they’re just so perfect for displaying little girl clips and pins.

cabochon small 1

And how fun is that to have Cinderella in her finest displaying some pins with bling?

jewel 2

What kind of finishing touches do you like to add when you give homemade gifts?

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  1. Great ideas! I usually just cut slits in my business card. This is waaaaaay better!


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