Friday, October 7, 2011

A Bit of a Refashion Fail

Before I get to sharing my fashioning flop with you, I wanted to let you know that voting is open over at Maybe Matilda’s Crochet Along. It’s so much fun to see all the different variations of the Time Out Cowl. There are some great prizes up for grabs, so if you have a minute, check out the entries and vote for your favorite! Go HERE to do so.


Back in February I picked up two turtlenecks on major clearance at Target. I showed you in THIS POST how I did a simple refashion on one of them. Today I finally got around to doing something with the other one. Let’s just say it was a bit of a fail. It’s refashioned, but a few things make it impossible for me to wear on its own. But thanks to layers being in style, I can still wear it! Here’s my final product, how I can comfortably wear it in public:

2011-10-07 047

What’s wrong with it, you ask? Um…

2011-10-07 037

I’m just barely keeping it on my shoulders here. And bending over would probably be dangerous.

2011-10-07 038

Not to mention the embellishment strips are just a little too far apart.

So I’m going to tell you what I did, and what I would suggest you do if you’d like to do what I think could be a really cute turtleneck refashion.

2011-10-07 009

Start with a turtle neck that you like everything but the neck on. This one was bought for less than $3 at Target back in February. The fabric is so soft. I love it.

2011-10-07 015

Fold the shirt in half so all the seams line up (shoulder and neck where the collar attaches to the shirt).

2011-10-07 016

Cut off just below the seam at the neckline.

2011-10-07 017

For some reason I was worried the neckline would sit too high and didn’t think about just how much this soft knit stretches…

2011-10-07 018

…and cut more off. If you want to learn from my mistakes, don’t cut more off.

2011-10-07 020

Cut open the neck that you just cut off. Look at all that great fabric!

2011-10-07 022

Cut lots of strips from it. I cut two strips that were 1.5” wide (if I did it again I’d cut them at 2” wide) and set them aside to finish off the neck line. Cut additional strips of varying widths. I cut two strips at 1.5”, two at 1” and 2 at .5” wide.

2011-10-07 024

Layer and pin your strips to your shirt. I did the middle strip the longest, using a 1.5” strip topped with a 1” strip topped with a .5” strip. On either side of it I pinned a short piece of .5” strips, then did layers on either sides of those, shorter than the middle one, and then a .5” strip on the outside of each of those. This is another spot where I failed. I didn’t think about the fact that the shirt would stretch out considerably when worn. I knew that the strips would curl in (that was the look I was going for), but figured they’d sit about as far apart as I pinned them. If I were you, I would pin them practically on top of each other.

2011-10-07 025

Using a knit stitch, sew the strips to the shirt. Let a little bit extend beyond the neck. Then, using the two strips you set aside and follow THIS tutorial to finish off your neckline. Adding the band to the neckline gives a clean finish to the top of the strips. My shirt stretched out even more when I sewed the neckband on, but all it took was getting it wet with warm water and throwing it in the dryer to get it back to being just oversized, not stretched and oversized.

2011-10-07 037

So by itself it has just too wide of a neckline and the strips are further apart than looks cute (in my opinion).

2011-10-07 042

Adding a vest covered up the wide neckline, but the strips still needed help…

2011-10-07 047

So a scarf came to the rescue. I actually really like this outfit. I like it so much, when Nolan came home from work I told him he should take me and Jace on a family date. Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks for an excuse to get out of the house on a good hair/outfit day. It’s not because I’m expecting compliments, it’s just that I feel like all that effort must be wasted on just staying home.

If you try this refashion and yours turns out like it’s supposed to, I’d love to see it! And hey, if you fail too, I’d love to see it as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Very cute!!! I actually kind of like the embellishment strips. I can see why you think they should be closer and you're the one who has to wear it. So in that case, I love that you used layers. I probably would have just thrown it out! And I'm totally with you on wanting to get out of the house on good hair/clothing days. It bums me out to spend all that time and effort to get ready and then just sit at home. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!!!

  2. So true about wasting a good outfit! I do the same thing!!! :) Love the outfit!

  3. It's hard when you spend time on a project and it doesn't turn out how you want. I think it's way cute and I'm glad you get to wear it, even if it's layered. Awesome job :)

    If Work Permits

  4. Hey, it may not be very wearable if you're worried about bending/moving in it, but it looks really cute for pictures! And I love it with the vest and scarf (did you make the vest, too, by any chance? I've wanted to make a drapey vest but haven't gotten around to it). I totally look for reasons to leave the house when I'm dressed cute--good outfit? Suddenly need to make an emergency grocery run! ;-)

  5. Seriously! The turtleneck refashion and the sweater vest...but most importantly that SCARF! So cute! Visiting from TT&J!

    WOuld love for you to link up to my weekly fashion linky called DIY Diva Thursdays! We party Th-M



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