Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Felt “Paper” Dolls

2011-10-18 015

Yay for already checking one of the projects off my 12 by 2012 list! After seeing how much my niece loved “dressing” her princess finger puppets with felt scraps I knew that the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for her would be felt paper dolls.

2011-10-18 008

I originally planned on cutting each piece by hand (like I did with the puppets), but then my mom reminded me of her paper doll Sizzix die cuts. And she just happened to be heading our way for a visit. And I saw a tutorial recently on YouTube for cutting fabric using a Big Shot die cut.

2011-10-18 010

I loaded up the die with pieces of felt…

2011-10-18 011

…ran it through my Big Shot (which my mom bought me several years ago after finding it on sale)…

2011-10-18 013

…and couldn’t believe how easy these were to make.

felt dolls

The Ballerina die was used for the dolls at the top of this post, and the rest are from the swimming die. I may hand cut some princess dresses, but for now, I have a really cute set with different colors and styles of clothes and hair. Cami is going to LOVE it! Waiting until December to give them to her is going to be the hard part.

2011-10-18 021

I also had my mom bring the circles die so I could cut a bunch for making flowers. Bet you can’t guess what’s on my Christmas list!!! Who needs a GoBaby when you have a Big Shot sitting on a shelf? (Tip for you—if this is something you’d like to do but don’t have one, watch Craigslist and Ebay… lots of people are getting rid of these and upgrading to Cricuts and Silhouettes and GoBabys. But they totally do the job!)

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  1. They are too cute - I bet she will be so happy - way to go. Tone

  2. Too cute work. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  3. How adorable! Those look like so much fun for a little girl to play with . . . great job!

  4. I was just looking at those dies this weekend and wondering what use they would be. I *never* thought of felt - that is PERFECT! I am so going to do this. :)


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