Monday, October 3, 2011

T&T: Easy Applique

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I love a simple applique. I think adding an applique to just about anything fabric can give you a quick sense of great satisfaction. Today I’m going to show you how I did a candy corn applique on a felt trick-or-treating bag.

2011-10-03 002

But before we get to the process, let’s check out a few of my other favorite applique projects…


All of these projects (except the Elmo backpack) start with one of my favorite products…

2011-09-30 016

It is a sticky backed fusible web. I get my Steam-a-Seam at Joann’s and typically use a coupon with it, so it’s less than $2. It comes with 5 sheets and they can last you a long ways! Steam-a-Seam is wonderful.

2011-09-30 019

For my trick-or-treat bags (I got my inspiration from a picture in this post from Holly Do.) I first cut out an image of candy corn. It’s a really ugly image, but I didn’t care what it looked like… I was just looking for the shape.

2011-09-30 020

I then cut out my three pieces of the pattern for the three different colors.

2011-09-30 021

Then traced my pattern onto the paper side of a sheet of Steam-a-Seam. I like using a thick marker and just drawing over the edge of my pattern so I don’t have to worry about tracing too closely. I then labeled each piece with which color of fabric I’d be using for it (and accidentally labeled the yellow pieces with a W for white. Oops!). I was planning on making three candy corn bags, so that’s why there are so many pieces traced. Then cut out the pieces.

2011-09-30 022

Peel the paper backing off.

2011-09-30 023

Stick to the felt (or whatever fabric you’re cutting your applique out of).

2011-09-30 024

Then cut out your pieces by cutting around the fusible web.

2011-09-30 027

Arrange on the material you’ll be attaching it to (in my case, the felt that would be the front of the bag) and follow the directions for ironing it on. You’ll know you’re done ironing when the two pieces of material are stuck together.

2011-09-30 028

Then I just stitch around the candy corn. Because the fusible web holds it all in place, no pinning is needed, no stretching happens, it all just sits where it’s supposed to be and allows you to sew it on beautifully.

2011-09-30 030

I chose to stitch around each color of the candy corn and love the way it turned out!

2011-10-03 007

I lined my bag with an orange with black jack-o-lantern fabric…

2011-10-03 011

…and boxed the corners.

2011-10-03 009

Isn’t it just too cute? I made three like this for my Jilly Bean’s Babies shop and plan to make two other styles—one with a black witch hat on an orange bag and another with an orange pumpkin on a black bag. You can see the listing for this bag here.

I’m super excited about my next project… I’m going to attempt to make an adult version of THIS jacket that Jessica made for Project Run and Play. I picked up my fabric today. I’ll be using a gray bottom weight for the outside and this for the lining:


It should be easy. So hopefully I’ll be able to show you tomorrow!

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  1. Easy! But so cute and looks great!

  2. Very very cute! You got me at candy corn and treat bag! My last two posts/projects were on those two things! great minds... Saw you at FOTF!

  3. Awesome! I hope you will link this up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

  4. Hi Jill, it turned out so pretty!! Hope you don't mind if I'll share it with my readers tonight ;)

  5. I thought that bag looked familiar! Very cute and thanks for the Link!

  6. So cute! I love all things candy corn!! Do have a tutorial or pattern you are willing to share for the actual bag? : )

  7. Awe it's so cute i want one for myself!

  8. This is awesome..Love it..So much creativity lives here...I would love for you to link/share it to my Pinspiration thursdays linky party happening now pweease..TY.


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