Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIW: Finding Fall Pieces

I’m discovering that my wardrobe is either very spring or very black. I don’t have too many fall pieces. So this week I played around with finding fall looks from my spring stuff.

2011-10-16 0032011-10-16 009

I felt somewhat morbid wearing all black, but convinced myself it was sleek and had fun accessorizing.

Shirt: Kohls. Pants: Old Navy. Necklace: Maurices. Bracelet: ??? Nolan bought it for me last year for Mother’s Day when I told him I wanted something sentimental. He thought this was prettier than getting Jace’s actual birthstone.

2011-10-19 0042011-10-19 010

I actually dressed up for work! I love this top but haven’t worn it in a long time for some reason, so it was fun to pull out. I like to add some color by wearing red heels.

Shirt: Maurices. Pants: Old Navy. Shoes: Steve Madden.

2011-10-19 014

And after looking cute for work, the first thing I do at home is change to be comfy.

Shirt: Refashioned turtleneck from Target. Jeans: DownEast Basics.

2011-10-19 025


Pants: Maurices (years ago… I haven’t worn these pants since more than a year before I got pregnant with Jace). Shirt: Maurices.

2011-10-22 050

This was one of those spring to fall outfits. Adding the brown jacket seemed to bring out the fall-ness in the colors of the shirt.

Jacket: Not sure. It was in a bag of clothes from a coworker’s daughter. Shirt & pink tank: Maurices. White Cami: American Eagle. Jeans: Vigoss from Maurices. Boots: Maurices.

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  1. I like your sentimental bracelet - very pretty!
    I have so many black pieces in my wardrobe I could easily do an all black ensemble several times over. Actually when I worked at the school one of our spirit days was "all black" and I have to say we all looked pretty good!

    LOVE the Saturday outfit. It may be the early 90's reminiscent thing but I am loving plaid again.

  2. I love the bracelet, soo cute. Very pretty choices.. great stye :))
    PS: I am stopping by in hopes that you could join in and hopefully participate in "Project Pink Blog Day" (over 40 blogs are in so far) Please check out this post of mine, I would LOVE to have you be a part of this Project Day if it fits your schedule.. "All blogger's going pink a day for "breast cancer" If it's something that you are interested in, it'll mean so much to me.. TY and wishing you a lovely Sunday

  3. I find black is becoming my 'go to' color too. I found your blog from Nina's Real Momma, Real Style.

    I have a link on my blog called I Made it Monday, and would love it if you would link up

  4. I loved (LOVED) the pink and brown combo!! That was gorgeous! Made me want to go put together a look just like it.

    But I need warmer colors and I am still trying to figure out which pink is my pink. But good job shaking up your outfits!


  5. What a beautiful bracelet. Your hubs did well!

    The plaid top with the black showing at the top is too cute.

    Have a great week.

    Daenel T @ Living Outside the Stacks


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