Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Tree Hunting We Went

2011-11-24 016

We continued our annual tradition of getting our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. We start with breakfast out, and then visit our local tree farm where you get to ride out to the lot in a tractor-pulled wagon.

2011-11-24 036

Last year we invited Nolan’s parents to join us (and oh how I love having his dad there to help with the tree cutting/carrying!), and think it’s a tradition worth carrying on. Jace wanted to sit with Grandpa as we rode the “choo-choo”.

2011-11-24 058

It’s days like this where I am so thankful to be living in Oregon.

2011-11-24 078

I find it much easier to appreciate the green on a day when you aren’t getting rain-drenched. That’s Nolan in his rain gear. I think he looks really cute in it. He started wearing it a few years back when he got sick of getting covered in mud while cutting down the tree. Funny thing, though, we can’t even count how many times he’s been asked if he works at the tree farm.

2011-11-24 081

Jace loved walking through the trees and peeking around them.

2011-11-24 096

And how precious is a little bit of father-son fun time while waiting for the tractor to come pick us up?

2011-11-25 018

I had fun letting Jace play with the lights later. He kept touching the blue lights and saying, “Bue.” I’ll share my decorated tree with you once I get the house all decorated to my liking.

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  1. Aw I miss real trees :( So exciting for y'all to have this wonderful tradition.


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