Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I’ve mentioned just a few times about a gray jacket I wanted to make. I was inspired by this one:


I think I was having a hard time working out the ruffle/collar in my mind. So then I saw this one:


I figured this one would be much easier to replicate. I’ll tell you more about how I constructed my jacket later, but for now, I need some help.

2011-11-15 001

Obviously, it’s not finished yet. When complete, the hem will be tucked in enough to line up evenly with the bottom of the zipper (kind of demonstrated here).

2011-11-15 002

I feel like it makes me look very flat chested. But I’m afraid if I take it in much it’ll get too tight to wear comfortably.

2011-11-15 004

It took a lot of fabric to make this, and I would have needed just a little more to make the cowl/neck as large as the etsy one. I don’t mind the collar as it is in the top two pictures, when I have it zipped up higher. But when I unzip it a bit, it seems like a giant point.

2011-11-15 005

I could try making it a rounded corner, kind of like above.

2011-11-15 007

I don’t mind the shape of the jacket so much when it’s unzipped (although I like the jacket as a whole better zipped), but the corner of the collar seems like an even bigger triangle.

2011-11-15 008

And here is the most awkward self portrait ever. If I stuck my tummy out just enough and had the camera on timer, I could show you both sleeves at once! Should I cuff it so the lining shows, or keep the sleeve solid gray?

So this is where you come in, I need your suggestions. What would you think might help with the…
--Any other suggestions???

Thanks so much for your help!


  1. Ok so I really love what you're going for, but you're right, somethings just not panning out right for this! For the cuffs, I really like the hint of lining showing, I think it helps tie in the lining from the collar, and would look too plain if it wasn't there.

    As far as the shapelessness, im pretty much winging it bc my sewing is VERY amature. But would it be possible to maybe do a small rouched panel with elastic in the back. My thinking is this would effectivley give the illusion that you've taken it in, but still give you the range of motion you're looking for?

    And im kinda lost on the collar. I think it'd look fine if the triangle/point wasn't so large, like if you cut it at a sharper angle so the end of it fell more like midway between your collar bone and shoulder, around the brastrap point lol.

    So far very cute though, and it does look good zipped up! Always love seeing what you make!

  2. I like it so far, maybe add some chunky buttons down the side of the zip, or a ruffle? I'm always a fan of adding them to clothes. I like the fit and the sleeve lining folded so you can see it more.

    I agree with the above comment, maybe a slightly smaller collar? But I still like it as is, and could NEVER make something like that myself!

    Mad skills! :)

  3. So you have some awesome skills. Wow! I like the big collar and showing the contrasting fabric at the sleeves. A different idea (though I like the scrunch back idea) is to shape the front a bit. Just take In a little bit on each side right under your bust. It may be exactly what you don't want because it would be tighter but it lOoks like the jacket is loose enough to do some small shaping.

    Good luck! You are making an awesome jacket and really tempting me to want to cut my hair!

  4. I like the collar as is! And personally, I would love the option to cuff it or tuck it under and not see the inner lining, so I like both options if possible. I think if you took it in a tad on either side right under the bust or add maybe a pin tuck pleat either on the front or on the sides, that might look cool! I feel like some jackets just need to be worn as a fashion jacket and I have one in my closet that I always wear zipped with just a tank underneath, so that I don't get too hot!!

  5. I like the sleeves best without the lining showing. I think it takes away from the dramatic collar. I think a longer length on the collar would give you the cowl like the inspiration jacket. Adding some bust darts would emphasize your shape a little more without making it too "Look at my boobies!" ha

    Lovely so far! I admire you for trying it!

  6. Oh, I am full of opinions today! :)
    Cute jacket! You are so talented! In the pictures with it zipped all the way up, the collar seems to gather a little- and I love that! Maybe you could pin it to make it keep that shape? Or maybe use a brooch (a flower? hmm.)? This could also draw your eye upward, and make you lose the look of a flat plane (which I think might make you look a little flat as a result). Or maybe add darts? I like the sleeve w/out the cuff.

    Awesome jacket!

  7. I agree with Sisterio, I would try adding bust darts. For the collar, maybe you could iron it with some starch, to see if you can get it to lay the way you want. As far as the sleeves go, I really like the cuffs and like Vanessa's idea of having an option to cuff or not.

    It's a really cute jacket and I think you've done a great job so far!

  8. Fisheye darts from the hem up to just under your bust. Leave the point and cut the sleeves so no lining is showing at the hem.

    That's just my not so humble opinion.

  9. Ahemm, a fisheye dart starting an inch or so above the hem.

  10. How big is the collar on your left side? Can you bring it forward some to offer some balance to the right? I like the idea of having options with the sleeves. Great jacket!

  11. Really cute jacket! I love the sleeve lining being exposed, and the idea of the more rounded collar. I would suggest some kind of darts as well.


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