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T&T: Curly Hair

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My hair is naturally somewhat curly. Somewhat meaning very curly if it grows from around my eyebrows down and stick straight if it grows from above that.

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I had a hard time finding curly hair pictures of myself because up until recently, I didn’t wear it that way very often. In fact, curly tended to mean bad hair day. I had a good curly stretch for a while—about a year before I got married my hair dresser permed the top section of my hair so it would blend with the rest. It was great, but short lived.

2011-11-08 003

But then I recently discovered the perfect blend of products and styling techniques that allow me to love my curly hair.

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I even had my hairdresser cut my hair so I could wear it curly every day. And since then, I’ve had so many people ask me how and what I use in my hair, so I thought I would share it with you!

curly hair product

My power team of products are Kenra’s Curl Glaze Mousse, Pureology’s RootLift (a spray in foam) and Bed Head’s Masterpiece hairspray. I picked up all three of these at a TradeSecret store, but you could find them (or similar products) at any salon.

1. I start with fairly damp towel dried hair.

2. I run a leave in conditioner through my hair. I found with all the hairspray I was using, it seemed to dry out a lot, so the conditioner helps keep things nice.

3. Follow THIS TUTORIAL from The Small Things Blog for how to use the foaming root booster.

4. Work and comb the booster through the rest of the hair.

5. I use about this much of the curling glaze on the back of my hair, and about that much on each side of my head.

6. Run the glaze through your hair making sure it’s evenly distributed and then scrunch. You can see that my hair really doesn’t look all that curly at this point.

7. A view of the back.

8. Dry with a diffuser. A stylist once told me that the less movement you use, the better the curl hold. This is so the hair will dry as a curl rather than keep being released as it dries. So I cup a section of hair in the diffuser, and then hold it there for a while before moving on to another section.

9. It isn’t a very pretty sight when dry. Just a big mess of craziness.

10. Once again I follow the Small Things Blog’s tutorial for how to style my bangs. This tutorial has seriously transformed the way I do and love my hair.

11. Holding my bangs in place to let them cool with some shape.

12. The side section of bangs gets curled with the flat iron and then blended in with the rest of the hair.

13. Then it’s just a matter of touching up the funky spots. The longest sections of my hair tend to need the most help. I just use my flat iron to add some curl. If you aren’t familiar with how to curl your hair using a flat iron, check out this tutorial.

14. At this point, my hair is styled, but it still needs a little help. That’s when I just keep blasting it with hair spray, scrunching, wiggling sections and shifting pieces until I like the way it all sits. Then blast it some more.

The front

The back

I’m also loving how I can pull in headbands with the curls.

2011-11-21 022

This headband was sent to me by Michelle (of Someday Crafts). She sells Paparazzi Accessories. I’ll be sharing more about her business with you soon, but in the mean time, you can check this headband and other fun pieces out here.

I hope this helps! If you have any tips for styling curly hair, please feel free to share!

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  1. i love your curly hair and that feather headband looks so CUTE in your hair!!!

  2. Seriously adorable! I'm excited to give that Pureology root lifter a try.

  3. I have curly hair too, and I swear reading the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey serioulsy changed my "hair life". I used to straighten my hair every day, but to no avail b/c it would always pouf out strangely and frizz out. I really didn't even know I HAD curly hair until I saw this woman being interviewd on some day-time show. She has a certain way to wash, dry and style curly hair and lots of do's and don'ts. And hair stylists can fly to NYC to get Curly hair certified by taking her class. I only get my hair cut by certfied "Curly Girl" experts. There's a website that lists certified stylists by state. You can probably just do a search for "Curly Girl" and find some. I swear, there are so few stylists that know how to cut curly hair. They always wash or wet it first (a Curly Girl stylist cuts your hair dry, b/c every curl is treated individually), then cut and style it straight. UGH...
    anyway I've never written such a long comment on a blog before, but I feel pretty strongly about this issue, as you can tell lol...

  4. visiting from shabby creek. I have curly hair.. and I dont know how to style it. At all. I appreciate every an any tip I can get.. so thank you very much! I have used Kenra and its great stuff for curly hair.

    Ps.. I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party.. oh and enter my TinyPrints giveaway too! :)

  5. It is hard dealing with curly hair isn't it? Thanks for the tips - you hair looks fab- so will try this out!

  6. I'm a 'Curly Girl' too. Lorraine Massey's book (that Kitty Crafter mentioned) revolutionized the way I dealt with my hair. Love her simple method! Your hair is pretty adorable though. Love the headband! :)

  7. You get your hair to look that amazing with just a little hair product? I didn't see you use a curling iron (except for touch ups?). I just had 10 inches cut off my hair for hopes that I would be able to do it curly, but I am a little "challenged" when it comes to my hair. I have wavy hair, but my problem is it gets frizzy? Seriously, I LOVE your hair and am so impressed! You should come and enter my Vanilla Bean Paste giveaway

  8. Love it! SO cute. What a great little tutorial as well. I'm a curly hair gal myself - thanks for the inspiration :). That cut and style is gorgeous on you! And LOVE the headband.

  9. Love your hair! I have stick straight hair, and have always wished for a little curl. :-)

  10. Your hair is so adorable...I wish I could pull off short hair....You are using really good products for your hair...I would love for you to share it at my "Anything Goes" Linky party...

  11. Wow!! Such cute, cute hair!!! I'm really intrigued by your hair products!! I'm a curly girl too always loving curly hair tips!! Thanks!

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  13. That is just so cute on you! I'm going to try it out . . . thank you!

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