Monday, November 7, 2011

Same Pattern, Three Styles

same top three ways

Tam at Sew Dang Cute Crafts recently showed us an adorable outfit she wore. I fell in love with her top and wanted one for myself. I already had this pattern, and thought it might be easily adjusted to look like Tam’s.

2011-11-05 002

And I used fabric I already had on hand, so these tops were free (at this time)!

2011-11-06 027

One of the things I love about Tam’s top is the length. My version started longer, but then it was too wide at the hips, and then I took it in too much and it no longer fit over my rear. So I folded the hem under and it worked.

2011-11-06 025

I love how the sleeves turned out. They don’t cascade the way Tam’s do, but they ruffle really nicely. I think my fabric choice made a difference.

2011-11-05 003

I used the pattern pieces for option B in the pattern, followed the directions and then did my own thing. For this version of the top, I used a larger size than would be recommended for me. I cut pattern pieces 1, 3 and 8 and added several extra inches to the length. Each top takes about 2 1/2 yards, and you’ll need elastic for the arm bands and neck.

2011-11-05 008  2011-11-05 009

The front and pack pieces.

2011-11-05 007

The pattern for the sleeves would make it long sleeve, so I just cut it off at the line for the first trim (as indicated on the pattern piece).

2011-11-05 006

Then I cut six strips of fabric, 3 inches wide, and long enough to run the length of the sleeves.

2011-11-05 010

Did a rolled hem on both sides of the strips.

2011-11-05 013

And sewed the strips to the sleeve. I started with the middle strip and lined the middle of it up with the middle of the sleeve, starting at the top of the sleeve.

2011-11-05 014

As I sewed it on, I kept the strip centered on the presser foot, but curved the sleeve fabric back and forth so there was some wave to the strip and it wasn’t just sewn on straight.

2011-11-05 015

Then I lined up the middle of the second strip about a quarter inch from the seam attaching the first strip to the sleeve (with that strip folded down the middle and folded away from the new strip being sewn on. Sew this one on the same way as the first. Add the third strip on the other side of the middle one.

2011-11-05 011

Then you’ll have your three strips attached, kind of standing up because of how closely they are sewn together.

2011-11-05 016

As the pattern instructs, sew the front and back of the shirt together at the side seams, then sew the sides of the sleeves together so the sleeves take their proper shape.

2011-11-05 017

Sew in a casing for the elastic a the cuffs of the sleeves and run your elastic through. Then Continue following the pattern and attach the sleeves to the front and back of the shirt. I then ignored the rest of the pattern instructions and just sewed in a casing for the elastic in the neck band and ran the elastic through it and hemmed the waist band.

2011-11-06 023

And the shirt was done! It really is simple to construct, the rolled hem on the strips was really the most time consuming aspect of making it!

2011-11-06 042

I enjoyed making the top so much and since I had messed up the length, I wanted to try for another version that would mimic Tam’s top more with how it could be worn with a belt. So I did another variation—this time with all the fun being on the lower half. No ruffles on the sleeves, just extra layers of flutter strips around the waist.

2011-11-05 022

I cut the same pattern pieces for the front, back and sleeves. This time, though, I took it from the wider sizing at the hips and the cut into the smaller, appropriate size for the upper half of the top. In hindsight, I would have just cut it entirely to the proper size.

2011-11-05 024

I also cut 8 2” strips—4 for the front and 4 for the back. Then just did a rolled hem on all of them and the hem of the front and back of the top. Sewed the strips on just above each other (like how I made this shirt) and constructed the rest of the shirt the same as the first. The final product was too long, and then I accidentally shortened it too much (story of my life… over correcting), so while I love it, it still lacked the length I was hoping for.

2011-11-06 039

For the third version of the shirt, I decided to just keep it plan without extra embellishments, and then have fun with accessories.

2011-11-06 044

I cut this one following the correct pattern sizing for what should fit me, and constructed the shirt the same as the others (it went together so quickly!).

2011-11-07 005

And then I had three different versions of the same shirt, all of which I love!

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  1. I cannot imagine just deciding to sew myself a shirt.

    I really like the sleeve length - I'm wearing a shirt right now with that same type of sleeve (plain like the last one).

  2. Adorable! The one time I sewed myself a shirt, I vowed to never do it again . . . it was a disaster. Yours are so great! My favorite is the hot pink with the flutters at the waist . . . super, super cute. Great job!

  3. I love them all, & I may need to pick up that pattern & give it a shot myself!!

  4. Adorable! I love the simple peasant top with a little bit of flair!

  5. Your version is even more covetable than Tam's... Wonderful!

  6. I have this pattern too! Your post definitely is motivating me to start sewing clothing... the original reason I got a sewing machine a year ago even tho I started quilting and only ever made a pair of PJ pants haha. Love these tops! Can you come over and teach me? :)

  7. I love them. You make it look simple as well. You have inspired me.

  8. Adorable! Wish I could sew for myself.. May have to start! Would love for you to stop by on a Monday for Calling all Crafters!

  9. Those sleeves and hem are awesome! Looks like your mission to be a cute mom is going really well. :) Keep us posted!

  10. Ok, I'm in love with all of your tops... I need some new tops for my closet... Guess I will be busy sewing some up... Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jeanna @

  11. So cute! Love the pink one with the extra little flutter at the waist! Makes me wish I knew how to sew clothes...might need to learn...!!

  12. These are all beautiful. I love the details that you added to the first 2. The sleeves on the first one are just gorgeous!!

  13. I just adoer those sleeves! Thanks for explaning how you made them! I can't wait to try

  14. I seriously have that same exact pattern stashed in a drawer, but did NOT think it could be anywhere near as cute as what you just did! I'm totally going to try this now! What kind of fabrics did you use on these? Oh, and if you don't mind emailing me...I really would love to know what kind of serger you have. Was it affordable? I don't have one and feel like my clothes are not made well enough without! Thanks!

  15. it looks good and you look good in it! yeah I guess the choice of fabric really matters. great job!

  16. Nice! I like them all but I think the flutter strips at the waist is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!


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