Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Asymmetrical Jacket

2011-11-19 034

Thanks to all your helpful comments, I finally found a look I like for my gray jacket. Let’s visit the inspiration pictures again…

inspriation jackets
Sources: Etsy & Happy Together

I thought following the look of the Etsy jacket would be a little easier, but mastering the correct collar proved to be a little difficult.

  2011-11-19 018

In the end I didn’t remove anything from the collar, just did a little tuck and pin and then sewed a button for a decorative way of keeping things in place.

2011-11-19 023

I’ve found that when I really don’t know how I’m going to make something, trying to take pictures for a tutorial along the way is very difficult. So rather than showing you step by step how I made this coat, I’ll give you a rough outline and if you want one for yourself, enjoy taking some creative liberties along the way!

2011-11-14 008

I used New Look Pattern 6028 for the main construction of the jacket.

2011-11-14 010

To allow for a big collar/cowl, I simply cut straight up the center line and from the shoulder to make a tall collar (as you can see in the gray fabric in the picture. When cutting out the front pieces, I cut one side an extra two inches wide, and the other side two inches more narrow than the pattern would call for.

I followed the pattern for constructing the jacket and made the outer layer and the liner as entire jackets. I then sewed a zipper between the two layers and sewed around the collar. That’s when the adjusting started. I took it in at the middle side seams and at the side seams to help it be a little more fitted. Then finished off the hem and cuffs.

2011-11-19 024

I feel like the shape is still a little off around the bust, but I’m not sure how darts would work with the shape of the jacket.

2011-11-19 026

The collar was folded under and over and then sewn down on the larger side.

2011-11-19 028

And on the narrow side I just pulled the corner forward and sewed it down.

2011-11-19 031

While I expected to like it zipped best, I think the shape becomes more flattering when it’s open.

Thanks so much for your help along the way with this jacket! I bought and prewashed the fabric almost 2 months ago, so it’s nice to finally have it finished. Another item to check off my 12 by 2012 list!

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  1. Success! You did a great job! I love how it came out . . . not to mention that your hair is super cute in these pics ;-)

  2. My thoughts, the curls. The Christmas after you & Nolan were engaged, your hair was a lot longer & you had pulled it back from your face. It cascaded down in back in curls. I loved favorite look on you! Even though I know shorter is easier to maintain, I still loved elegant!

  3. This turned out so great! I must say I am jealous. :) Awesome job!

  4. Very very cute. I love this idea! asymmetrical anything is so fun. And I agree with Rachel, your hair is crazy cute in these pictures. :)

  5. even with the collar difficulties it turned out fantastic I'd love it if you would add this to my link party at

  6. I think it turned out very cute! You are gorgeous! I love your hair that way!

  7. Love it, The collar looks perfect! By the way just saw that you're a 'blog to watch' on Someday Crafts! Congrats! I agree. :)

  8. So impressed! I love your results!

  9. Oh. So. Gorgeous. Like, majorly gorgeous. Your jacket is a total jaw-dropper, amazing job! I'd be thrilled if you came and linked up to the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at



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