Monday, November 14, 2011

What Do Michelle Obama and I Have in Common?

We’re both in the December issue of Reader’s Digest.

2011-11-13 006

On Friday one of my awesome readers, Brittany, commented on a post I wrote last December. It was one of my most unread posts of all time, receiving absolutely no comments, so I was surprised when I got the notification. Turns out, Brittany was reading the latest Reader’s Digest, and they referenced my blog and shared my tip for keeping your Christmas tree from falling. Crazy, huh?

2011-11-13 001

I finally got ahold of a copy last night, and sure enough, there it is.

readers digest

Granted, no photos or interviews like Mrs. Obama. But “The blog Made it on Monday” is referenced. I find it really fun that someone at Reader’s Digest happened upon my little blog post and thought it worth sharing with the rest of the world. The English Communications college major and aspiring writer in me is THRILLED to be in Reader’s Digest (even if I don’t have a byline or any actual text I crafted). I think I even submitted articles to them back in college. I am definitely sending a copy of this to my grandma.

Oh, and did you know that this is not the first connection Michelle Obama and I have had? My son and her nephew were acquaintances in utero. That’s right. I was in the same birth class as Mrs. Obama’s brother and his wife.


So yeah, we weren’t quite buddy buddy. But I did recognize who they were and Nolan didn’t believe me at first. I had to look up Craig Robinson on Wikipedia to prove it.

In other news, I thought I’d give an update on my nails. I tested them further on Friday evening by blowing up and tying around 40 balloons. Still no chips or cracks. Saturday lasted beautifully and then Sunday I had a small chip. That evening I started picking at the edges a bit and discovered the gel was lifting from my nails. So this is what they look like now:

2011-11-13 009

So it wasn’t the paint that chipped, it was the gel below it. I’ll definitely be doing this again. It was so nice to enjoy a weekend away with the ladies for our Women’s Retreat, and to have my nails look good the entire time. I might even remove this and do it again this afternoon.

And now I’m off to spend some time cuddling with Jace, making a trip to Joann’s and then catching up on Etsy orders. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Thanks for sopping by!


  1. I have a Bucket List Goal of being published in Reader's Digest. Way to go!


  2. How cool! That must have been a VERY exciting moment!

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  4. I've been featured! lol Congratulations to you! That's actually an old blog, could you link to this one pretty please and thanks:

  5. Holy moly, you famous girl!!! That's crazy!

  6. How cool to get quoted in the Reader's digest! You are very talented when it comes to writing...amongst many other things! :)

  7. Pretty cool, my friend! You would have thought they would have emailed you at least to let you know you were referenced!

  8. Holy cow! That is awesome! You totally deserve it! That's great that somebody saw your blog name and told you!


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