Thursday, December 8, 2011

checking off the list…

I was so excited to begin my life as a stay at home mom with so much productiveness—getting my house in order, sending off etsy orders, getting ready for Christmas, crafting/sewing up a storm and enjoying lots of time with my little guy. Well, a yucky tummy bug hit me this week and put all those plans on hold. All those plans except time with my little guy, that is.

2011-12-05 035

He now knows how to say “cheese” for a picture and makes the most unnatural [for him] smiles. Still so cute, though, if you ask me.

Since I don’t have any new projects to share with you (too bad I can’t give you a glimpse into my imagination… those projects are great!), I thought it might be a good time for me to check back in on my 12 by 2012 list and see what I have left to hopefully do in the next three weeks!

1. Start/Finish a frame wall on one of the walls in my living room like Mandy’s at Sugar Bee Crafts
-Done! While I took a different approach than originally intended and just did a basic gallery wall, I LOVE it!
gallery wall 1
2. Make a lace shirt. I’ve been loving lace for a while and this shouldn’t be hard to do.
-Still needing to do. I did buy some stretch lace and had a major fail that I’m still planning on fixing.
3. Make Jace a set of Sesame Street or Brown Bear finger puppets like these I found on Etsy.
-Still planning on doing!
4. Try making this lace scarf, as well as make scarves from all the new fabric I got for my shop.
-Done and done! I love the way my lace cowl turned out and I have been making a shipping scarves for my shop like crazy lately!
2011-11-08 002

5. Make a sofa table like this one for my living room.
-Bought the materials… now to just make it. Which means now to just clean the garage first. This project may not happen by 2012…

6. Paint my nails like these. I am in love with this color.
-Done and thinking I should do it again!

2011-11-11 002

7. Actually make this jacket for myself. I already have the fabric. It’s cute. Just need to do it.
-Done! Changed it up a bit from the original plan and love it.

2011-11-19 018

8. Finish a gift I started for a friend’s birthday quite a while back. Inspired by this one.
-Still needing to do… again, the garage issue.

9. Make a top like this one from a gray with purple pin dot fabric I already have.
-Still need to do, but I bought a really great brown with white polka dot fabric that will work even better. At least I made these tops though, right?

10. Make a sign like this one or this one for the other empty wall in my living room.
-Once again, the garage…
11. Make felt paper dolls for my niece for her birthday or Christmas. She LOVED putting felt scraps on her princess finger puppets.
-Done and can’t wait to give them to her! I’m actually thinking through a cute little case I could make to keep them in.
2011-10-18 015
12. Crochet Christmas gifts for the ladies in my family.
-Working on it! I did make this cowl for my sister-in-law’s birthday.
2011-12-03 001
Well, that’s six of the twelve checked off. We’ll see how much further I get. In the mean time, have you noticed I updated my blog look? I felt like it was time for a cleaning, simpler look and like where it went. Ah, the beauty of lots of time on the couch this week.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have had a great week!

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  1. I was sick this past week, too! Hope you feel better! Sometimes taking a break is better than anything else, even if you have to be sick to actually do it!


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