Saturday, December 3, 2011

Craft Fail

Back in October I pinned a beautiful book page garland from Gina at Shabby Creek Cottage


Isn’t hers lovely? I was working on my Christmas mantel and it was needing a garland of some sort.

2011-11-27 009

So I got out my trusty Norton for some wonderful book pages and followed Gina’s directions. I didn’t do a very good job, though, because it was looking ugly. Maybe my pages were too thin, or there was some crispness lacking since I didn’t die my pages in coffee or tea.


But not one to give up, I cut my pages in half and started over.


The ruffle/fans were coming together very nicely.


I made some lovely puffs. But the garland-ness that Gina did so wonderfully was just.not.happening.


Finally, after two hours and just this bit of a mess to show for it (my original full page garland is in the back), I gave up. Plus, when I put my attempt of a garland on the mantel, the look was so wrong. Book page-ness so did not match the decorations already in play. So guess where this all went? Um yeah. The trash. It felt kind of good to just label it a fail and not feel the need to fix it in any way.

If you have the perfect spot for a book page garland, try Gina’s tutorial and follower her directions well. I think you really will end up loving it. Or, go my direction, and turn those puffs into a wreath. I think that would look amazing. I just didn’t have the time or desire to do more.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t be afraid to label a project a fail and just move on!


  1. Yes, I think those "puffs" would look great on a wreath, especially tipped with some gold or silver paint.

  2. Can we post about this on :)

  3. oh the Norton memories!! I wish i would have kept the book just to ues on a craft fail project! :)


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