Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gifts for a Guy: T-shirts!

My husband is very difficult to shop for. He either wants something electronic and expensive, or is completely content and makes no requests. This year he wanted half of his Christmas money to go toward buying a tablet later on, and the only suggestion he made for what I do with the other half was a water bottle. Whoop-de-do… that’s my idea of exciting, I bet it’s yours too, right? Well, about a week or so before Christmas he and I were browsing through Etsy and saw several t-shirts that he thought were awesome. Too late for me to order any, plus they were more than I could justify spending. But not too late for me to make something!

2011-12-21 001

He loves this one. Sorry to those of you vegetarian and vegans out there. But I’m guessing from this post, you already know we’re pretty big meat eaters around here (it’s in my blood—my grandpa was a cattle and pig farmer in addition to lots of other crops).

2011-12-21 002

This one was inspired by a shirt I saw online way early in the Christmas season, but they were sold out and didn’t have an expected date of having more. I used my silhouette for designing all of them, then cut the images out of freezer paper (I LOVE this stuff!!!) and followed Sheri’s tutorial from I am Momma, Hear Me Roar.

2011-12-21 004

The fork shirt ended up being his favorite. He liked the subtle contrast. He’s a t-shirt lover, but very particular, so I’d say I did pretty well. The shirts were on sale at Target for $4 each, and the freezer paper cost $8 but will last me FOREVER. I found it at my grocer store, but Sheri also suggests Walmart. Target doesn’t have the stuff. I also had the paint on hand, so this became a really inexpensive way to give Nolan three gifts! And it makes me so proud when I see him wearing them.

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  1. Your hubby sounds 100% like mine! I have such a crazy-difficult time with birthdays and Christmas... he would just rather not have me give anything. UGH.
    Two funny things I did this year was put a video game in his stocking (one he had bought for himself about 3 weeks earlier) hee hee, and bought a new set of storage containers (that I really wanted) and wrapped them for him. He's the one who loves leftovers the next day, so really it's a gift for him, right?
    Practical stuff can be so boring.
    I love the shirts. I agree the fork one is really cool. :)

  2. Wow! Talk about rocking the freezer paper stenciling! That control freak one is so intricate! The shirts look great (and are seriously funny). Way to go! Thank you SO much for sharing this with me, Jill!


  3. Oh wow Jill! I couldn't stop laughing-my fiancé is exactly the same. What's weirder is he is also a civil engineer, just like your hubby! Must be something in the engineering blood.

  4. Those shirts were totally awesome. I wish I had known about the cost of shirts at Target. I tend to be a Walmart shopper and I needed shirts for embroidery projects.
    Anyway, great job!

  5. These shirt ideas are awesome!
    {Visiting from TT&J}

  6. I love the fork. HA!!! I'd totally wear that one =)

  7. I love the CONTROL FREAK shirt! I need to make that for my husband and son! thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from Make it Wear it Party :o)


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