Saturday, December 10, 2011

girls night out–christmas style!

Friday night the Women’s Ministries at my church had a Girls Night Out and I got to coordinate the crafts! (I also coordinated our last craft night, which you can read about here.)

2011-12-09 021

We began the evening with caroling. It was acapella style and led by a group of ladies with beautiful voices. The picture above was when they turned down almost all the lights and told everyone in the room to just be silent and enjoy listing to “Silent Night.” It was amazing.

2011-12-09 051

After the caroling we had a photo booth set up with fun picture props (this is me and Lori, our Executive Pastor’s wife, who also happens to be one of the worship leaders, and host the community group I’m in. Love this lady!).

2011-12-09 110

Several of our high school girls who came and a few of their leaders. Aren’t they too cute?

2011-12-09 092

A table was set up for frosting sugar cookies.

2011-12-09 075

And the crafting was a blast!

2011-12-09 077

We had four crafting stations. You could make decorative trees at one—either burlap or yarn wrapped. You can see my inspirations here and here.

2011-12-09 081

The second station was for gift tag making. I picked up a pack of foam snowflakes at Walmart for something like $4 for 35. The ladies traced the snowflakes on beautiful scrapbook paper, mod podged them to the snowflakes and then hot glued pearls on. You can see my {loose} inspiration here.
2011-12-09 082

In addition to the snowflake, the crafters also glitzed a page of gift tags with glitter pens. I used the template Emily at Jones Design Company is generously giving away here. We also had one more station set up for gift tags with artificial flowers to glue back together beautifully and then applied a glue dot to the back for the adhesive. This genius idea was found here.

2011-12-09 088

Another station was for ornament making. Again, we had three options—sugared/snowed glass ornaments (inspiration found here), a snow filled and glittered ornament (inspiration found here), and a shower curtain wring wreath ornament (inspiration found here).

2011-12-09 091

And the fourth crafting option was making a ruffled burlap wreath. I’ll have to show you mine later when I actually take pictures of a finished version. It was so fun to see all the different interpretations the ladies made.

It was such a fun night and a great way to help kick off the Christmas season. Have you gone to a crafting night yet? If you aren’t planning on it, how fun would it be to get together with some girlfriends and do a few of these?

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  1. Oh my gosh- So fun!! What amazing crafts! That looks like a great night out, and I'm totally copying some of those fun ideas. PS In the picture of the high school girls- the second gal from the left- "DEER IN HEADLIGHTS-hilarious!!

  2. You picked wonderful crafts. Looks like everyone had a blast!

  3. Hi! I found you via Sumo's Sweet Stuff - where did you get those giant bow headbands?! I love them! I am new to the "linky party scene" but would love for you to link up to my new party, What I Made Monday.

  4. Oh so cute... Especially the girl/reindeer in the front top picture... TOO TOO cute... would love for you to share here


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