Wednesday, December 7, 2011

iPad Cover Tutorial

2011-12-06 003

As I mentioned in this post, I was given an iPad2 as a going away present from my work. It was such a generous present, and I’m slightly in awe of its monetary value, so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t somehow snap it in two or crack the screen or something. (Have you held one of these things before? They’re so thin!) I found this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo on how to turn a composition book into an iPad cover. I liked the concept of something hard protecting the back and front, but wanted a cloth cover as well. Gotta get some ruffles in somewhere, right? So using the same concept as my Ultimate Activity Book, I made a cover for the composition book.

2011-12-04 001

I started with a composition book from Walmart (cost a whole $2.47!).

2011-12-04 002

Then I exposed the stitching holding the pages in and simply cut the strings.

2011-12-04 003

The paper came out so easily and is still completely usable.

2011-12-04 004

In fact, I put it to use in sketching out how I would make the cover.

2011-12-04 005

For the outer material (the striped fabric in my case), I cut it 1” wider and taller for a .5” seam allowance. This meant I cut out a rectangle that was 11x16. For the inside, I cut two pieces, 11x9 each (8” for the half the width on each, and then extra for folding under and finishing the inside seams. I really only needed to do 8.5”, but wasn’t thinking clearly). I also cut a 3” wide long strip for the ruffle in the floral fabric, and a 2” wide strip for down the middle of the ruffle.

2011-12-04 006

I then pressed the inside seams in a half inch and sewed them down (wrong sides together).

2011-12-04 007

The long strip was given a rolled hem on each side and then ruffled. The striped strip was sewn into a long tube to finish it off.

2011-12-04 009

Then, using a zig zag stitch I sewed the strip and the ruffle to the right side of the outside cover. A button was added as well.

2011-12-04 010

Then I sewed two pieces of elastic to the finished edge of one of the inside liners (the one that would go on the right). The ends that would attach to the top and bottom weren’t sewn down at this time.

2011-12-04 011

I then laid everything out how it should look in the end (keep in mind, the white elastic that would be used to hold the iPad in place can easily flip over). I laid out the white elastic for holding the iPad in place, a black elastic loop for the button, and a black piece of elastic the length of the case for holding everything closed down the middle of the ruffle. I made mine so when the elastic is holding the case closed, it sits on the back, which means it isn’t visible. If you want it to be visible and go over the ruffle when closed, put it on the other side, by the loop.

2011-12-04 012

Carefully pin the inside pieces to the front, right sides together.

2011-12-04 013

Sew it all closed (only around the outside edges, not down the center binding at all). Clip your corners then turn it right side out. Slide your composition book in the case and you’re done!

2011-12-06 005

I love how sweet it looks!

2011-12-06 017

The inside elastic holds the iPad securely in place. I was worried that the inside pieces of elastic wouldn’t be secure enough since they’re only attached to the inside layer of fabric. But the fabric sits so tightly around the composition book that there isn’t any slacking.

2011-12-06 006

When the case is closed I have the extra security of the elastic hooked around the button—no sliding out to the side.

2011-12-06 008

And the elastic that slips around the back holds the iPad in place on the top and bottom.

2011-12-06 007

I’m thrilled by how it turned out! If I were to make another one, though, I think I would use interfacing on to help give the fabric a thicker/sturdier/less wrinkled look.

Do you have an iPad carrier on your Christmas list? This would make a great, inexpensive gift!

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  1. Ooooooooh, I LOVE this! My mom has an ipad and has been searching for a cute "book" style cover like this. Maybe she'll get one for Christmas now ;-) Thanks for the tutorial! (And I love the new header on your blog! Cute!)

  2. This is such a fabulous idea and a great tutorial. Thank You! I would love for you to share at my Blog Stalking Thursday Link Party.

  3. So, I had planned to make this for my mom for Christmas . . . that didn't happen. But I just finished sewing it for her for Mother's Day, and it came out SO cute! Thank you so much for writing up these great instructions! I'll post about it next week after I've given it to her so you can see pictures :-) I'm sure she'll love it, thanks again for the tutorial!


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