Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Gift Ideas

Are you getting excited for Christmas? I've been cleaning my house (parents arrive tomorrow!), making and wrapping gifts, and feeling the Christmas cheer. A few weeks ago I guest posted at Maybe Matilda for her Handmade Holidays series. If you're still looking for some last minute ideas and missed my original post, here it is!

...All this crafting and creating has made the holidays a lot more affordable and fun. I’m really excited for this year’s gift giving. Between my husband and I we have seven siblings, five sibling spouses, and eight nieces and nephews. Handmade is a must if we want to be generous. I thought I’d break down a few categories for either what I’ve made in the past, or what’s inspiring me this year.

For the big girls…


A few years ago I made all the ladies in my husband’s family messenger bags. I chose fabrics that fit the ladies, and if she had a daughter, the little one got a small version of the bag too. You can read more about the messenger bags here.

This year I’ll be doing a lot of crocheting!

2011-11-24 001   2011-12-03 001

Thanks to Rachel’s Crochet Along, I’m HOOKED on crochet! I’ll be making head wraps and short versions of the time out cowl (from the CAL) for the girls in my husband’s family.

For the little girls…

2011-10-14 044

I recently made one of my nieces Disney Princess Finger Puppets. She LOVES them. I think one of my other nieces will be needing these for Christmas.

2011-10-18 015

The niece modeling the the finger puppets has a birthday right before Christmas, and she’ll be receiving felt paper dolls.

For the big boys…


Since it’s hard to come up with something the guys in our families will like, I give what every man is guaranteed to like: food! Each guy receives a can (upcycled formula cans were used last year) full of Christmas goodies.

For the little boys…


Felt books with finger puppets for the littler boys.


And I’ll be following Delia, from Delia Creates’ Lego belt buckle tutorial for the bigger boys.

For all our family friends…

2010-12-24 167

Special families in our lives (pastors at church, neighbors, etc.) will be receiving a tree bread—a tradition in my husband’s family where you make a large cinnamon roll goodie in the shape of a Christmas tree. I shared a step by step tutorial on my blog here.

Wow! Now that I’ve listed all this out, I’m realizing just how much work I still have to do!

Thank you so much, Rachel, for having me. Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Great ideas :-) Thanks again for guest posting--I was so happy to have you! Also, I noticed the pic of you in the black cowl got pinned with a caption about how cute your hair was . . . it's true!


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