Monday, January 9, 2012

An Attempted Knock Off—It’ll be Pretty With Your Help!


Thanks to Tam over a Sew Dang Cute Crafts I have fallen in love with the shop Quincee’s Boutique, and I haven’t even set foot in their store. If only I could justify a trip to Utah for shopping, oh, and suddenly have lots of money to spend. But since that isn’t a realistic option, I’ll settle for drooling over the pictures they post on their Facebook page and try the occasional knock off. Try being the word of emphasis there. I thought this top was adorable, and when I got the urge to sew something new on Saturday, I was delighted to find that I had some good fabric on hand to give it a try.

2012-01-09 001

Right now it reminds me of the long-johns the mean guy in The Fox and the Hound wears. Crazy thing is, I haven’t seen that movie in YEARS. Why is it that I can’t get his image out of my head when I look at this top? Aside from that, the obvious flaws in my mind are the sleeves (thinking maybe they should just go? The inspiration piece is sleeveless) and the bottom buttons not being evenly spaced. I didn’t have any lace on hand (now kicking myself for passing on buying some the other day), but I really like how I used the accenting pink fabric. Perhaps it isn’t enough of a contrast though?

2012-01-09 002

(Oh, and ignore the messy room around me. Sadly enough, this is the cleaned up version.)

I’m also not so sure of how I feel about the hemline. Should it stay or should it go?

2012-01-09 006

I’m thinking pockets like the inspiration piece would be helpful.

2012-01-09 010

I’ll wear it with leggings (as seen in the pictures), boots and boot socks (like the inspiration outfit). Is it perhaps too long and there’s just too much material below the waistline?

2012-01-09 005

I’m not thrilled with the belted look either. I think a longer cardigan would help over all. Is the neckline too high and not v’d enough?

I would LOVE your help with the creative process here. I really want to see this top work. Not only do I love the inspiration piece, but I have a lot of nice fabric being used here and want to see the top be a success. You know what I consider the questionable aspects. What do you think needs help/what would help?

Thanks so much! You guys have always been amazing at helping me through a creative block!


  1. you amaze me! I can't imagine just seeing something cute and trying to sew it. Everything you make is incredible!!!

  2. I think you are SEW close (sorry, I can't resist a pun!) And I think you have all the right ideas to tweak it and make it even more amazing. I think a few inches off the length - but keep the contrasting band on the bottom. Also I think the pockets help break it up and make it less night shirt-y. And maybe a more defined V. But it looks AMAZING and I can only home to hone my skills and be able to get as good as you are!

    P.S. If you'd ever want to give any tips on using a serger, I would LOVE that...hint hint! I got one for Christmas and I'm LOST!

  3. Hi there, first, we need to see it with the boots and in a similar stand too. That will help all of us eyeball the differences. And if it were me, I might go with dark brown sweater and leggings since the color profile of the shirt is different. It looks a little big on you near the bottom, but that could be the issue with how your standing as her legs are apart and she has on boots which "widen" the bottom of her overall shape. Hope that helps and hope to see more views posted :)

    good luck, Kelly

  4. I love Quincee's! I only live a few miles away from the store and yet I've never been there either. I love their clothes from facebook but I'm afraid to go in because I'm afraid I won't be able to afford all the cute clothes! I'm going to have to try a few knock offs myself.

  5. I think you are right. You need to take more off the lenth and lower the neck line a bit while lowering the buttons. It is going to be very cute when you are done.

  6. I agree with the other posters that said, shorten a little and it would be helpful to see with the boots.

    It is so amazing that you are able to sew like this! Becca :-)

  7. I know nothing about sewing (as you very well know) but I agree that it is too long. I think the pockets would be a good accent too. But, again, I am just amazed at your abilities, Jill!

  8. Great job on the knockoff! I think I might have a few suggestions for you. I like your choice of color combo for the dress but that is where some of the trouble lies. The original colors went better with the black leggings and sweater, I believe you need a shade of grey instead. It is too stark a contrast with the softness of the dress. I also think that adding those pockets will make a difference in the hang of the dress in front. You might also want to get some pink socks to match, like the model has the white ones sticking over the top of her boots. The dress looks nice on you, again, great job!

  9. I would shorten it a bit, and make the top portion more fitted. I think the fitted look is what you're missing from the inspiration piece. I like the sleves, though, so I'd keep those. And a deeper V neck isn't a bad idea either, though I think you could get away with keeping it as is. I like how the inspiration piece has a little bit of a tulip hem going on (being a little more fitted at the hem line than at the hips.) And add those pockets - they're adorable! So...there are my thoughts, lol. Way to go on all your sewing - you're great!

  10. I pretty much would agree with everyone in the above posts. You are on the right track...just shorten it a bit and lower the "V" neck, and it will be fabulous.

  11. I just think if you shortened it a little it would much better!

  12. i know pale colors are supposed to be in, but i would like to see it in colors that popped a bit more.... i do love the pockets...i think you did a great job creating the fact i like it more.

  13. You go girl! You are so creative. My first thought was you need to take it in, it seems too wide. After reading other comments I see lots of great ideas. I think it will just be a few little things. Really liked the idea of not contrasting with black, it really did wash it out.

    Your MIL's partner in fabric buying/garage saling crime. I've been following you now! :)

  14. I think the above comments hit on all of the areas you could improve this, you've done a great job and once you tweak the areas you mentioned it will be perfect! The sleeves will probably look fine though, I would leave them until last to see what they look like with a deeper neckline and a slightly higher hem, I would take some of the excess fabric off the hem and take it up a little bit but leave the contrasting band. When you're done, pair it with leggings in a different color and maybe a lighter colored cardi too. You're such an inspiration, not many people have the skills to just do this! Awesome job. :)


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