Saturday, January 28, 2012


I just mopped my kitchen floor and I can’t remember the last time I did. In fact, it’s quite possible my mom was the last person to mop anything in my house. Or it was Nolan. Probably not me though. But as good as it felt to make my kitchen floor look so nice (but, in all honesty, we have some pretty great flooring that looks like stone and the coloring disguises dirt really well, so the difference isn’t all that noticeable… hence such irregular mopping), I seriously wavered on whether or not I should continue and take care of the entry way and bathrooms as well. But… I finally acted like the grown up I am and cleaned all the hard surface floors.

So for those of you who have ever asked how I do it all. That’s how. While I’m busy crafting and sewing and having a blast in my [very messy] craft room, I’m neglecting other things like clean floors.


Nolan and I like to obsessively watch TV shows on Netflix. Two years ago, before Jace was born, we went through the first six seasons of LOST in just three weeks (season 7 hadn’t aired yet). Some evenings we’d stay up until 1 or 2 am because we had to watch “just one more.” It was a great way to spend Christmas Break. Only problem was that we were both working full time and not on Christmas Break. (As a side note, we watched the first episode of the last season in the labor and deliver room at the hospital. I didn’t get a lot out of it because I was in a lot of pain and irritated that the doctor on call didn’t believe me that I was in labor, but it was pretty fun to really prove our hard-core fan status in that way.)

A while back we watched all 26 episodes of Better Off Ted and LOVED it. We seriously mourned the fact that it was only two seasons long. And one of those was a short season. Right now we’re obsessing through How I Met Your Mother. It’s legendary.


It’s 10:48 pm and my mom flies in in 14.5 hours. And I still have some more cleaning to do. But what am I doing? Writing this blog post after having just watched another episode of HIMYM. I justified it by saying I needed to rest from all that mopping, and how can I continue cleaning if the floors aren’t dry?


I’m a slacker at replying to emails. You leave me some really great comments. And then I read them on my phone and tell myself I’ll reply when I get on the computer. But I’m easily sidetracked and forget. I really do appreciate your comments, read them and cherish them and then feel really bad for not responding. But some of you are “no-reply” bloggers, so I can’t really reply anyways, so at least I don’t have to feel guilty about those un-responded-to-comments.


And, I think that’s all for tonight. Back to cleaning!


  1. My hubbster and I just finished all the episodes of HIMYM on Netflix, and just got caught up with the ones on regular television! OB-sessed! And I hate waiting a week to watch "just one more" =)

  2. I loved this! I have recently read many blog moms who admit to neglecting household duties due to creative ventures. This has made me feel sooooo much better about myself! I read tons of books to the kids, do art projects all the time, have taken them all over including to the zoo countless times this past year (I think it's up to 10 visits now) but stink at keeping a perfect house. In the end I now am satisfied in believing that they will remember everything that we do together and not care if the kitchen floors were dirty:)

  3. Thanks for the fun post...I really don't like mopping. But I have the opposite problem! The floors in our apartment are so old that they don't really look much better when I do! Oh well...I shall attempt to keep at it! I haven't watched either of those shows yet...I like Psych (hilarious detective comedy) and Big Bang Theory (most episodes...some are a little too much)...I try to not find to many show I like so I won't waste too much's hard though! Lol!
    Alesha <3

  4. I have one question. Have you gotten to SLAP BET?

    1. How I met Your Mother is HILARIOUS! I own all the season so far. cant help my self.

  5. thanks for the -"I don't have to feel so bad about myself" Post- Jill!!!
    I heart you and your blog even more now :)

  6. I have beeen following you for a while now and I so enjoy your blog. I love your transparency and you give me inspiration on so many areas. P.s. Jace and my husband, Bret share a birthday. So Happy Early Birthday, Jace!!


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