Monday, January 23, 2012

Fleece Pillows & Serger Questions

I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE my hairdresser and I get my hair cut in exchange for homemade items. She’s creative, artistic and a lot of fun, and enjoying decorating her family’s new house. She has used a lot of bright colors—even a dark turquoise music room. I thought her family could enjoy some comfy pillows that would also make a fun statement.

 2012-01-22 005

I used fleece for both pillows.

2012-01-22 002

I followed V & Co’s Shag Pillow tutorial for the turquoise one. It would have been fairly simple and quick if my machine hadn’t kept jamming on me.

2012-01-22 008

For the red pillow I modified Living Savvy’s Textured Felt Pillow. Instead of overlapping the strips where they were sewed down after each twist, I just sewed them side by side. My hair dresser loved the pillows. And I love my hair cut. So it’s a great deal all around!


In other news… I’ve had quite a few people mention in comments that they aren’t sure where to start in looking for a serger, or that they don’t know how to use the one they have. Or even saying they wish they had a serger. If I were to do a Tips & Tools post about sergers, what information would you want me to cover?

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  1. Those pillows are adorable! I especially love the red one--that is such a cool look. And how awesome that you've got such a sweet haircut/craft deal going! I tried for a while to do a haircut/massage deal but . . . it only lasted 2 haircuts ;-) LOVE the pillows!

  2. Love the pillows, gives me some inspiration for our house :)

  3. Love the pillows! As far as the serger, I would absolutely love any advice you've got! I just got one for christmas, and I have NO idea how to use it at all. I don't know if that picture is the model you have, but if so, I'm excited, because I've got the brother 1134DW, and it looks very similar, so any advice you give I should be able to pick up quickly!

    But really - I'm so clueless about it, I don't even know what questions to ask!

  4. Great Pillows!!! As for the serger...start at the beginning. I've had mine for over a year and it scares the heck out of me. I always plan to make time to learn but I guess I feel like I need a 4-5 hour block to just get started. Any help would be greatly received! Thanks!!!

  5. I have a serger and any information you can give would be appreciated. I love the pillows too.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. I would love some serger information! I am just getting more into sewing clothes and thinking that I am going to need go get a serger soon. Leilani

  7. I have a hand-me-down serger and I'd love to know how to fix the tension when certain thread loops are too loose or skipped or anything like you. Everything I've found online has descriptions but no real images.

  8. I am so happy to heard that you are going to introduce us about serger. I am just looking for a serger and want to know what function or anything we need to know before we choose one. If you can suggest some brand, that would so great.


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