Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goals for 2012—You Can Help!

Now that I’m home full time I’m really feeling the need to get our home and life more organized. I don’t want to waste this incredible opportunity I’ve been given. Plus, I find myself dreaming of way more projects than I ever even try to start. So in the spirit of starting fresh, I thought I’d set some goals rather than resolutions for the year of 2012. I’m hoping most will be accomplished, while others I might hold more loosely to as you never know what the year will bring. I could also use some help from you in this goal setting process! Since I like things nicely organized, I thought I’d categorize my goals.


I want to establish an actual schedule for what happens on the blog throughout the week. I think this would help me stay motivated and consistent in my crafting, rather than the current sporadic and obsessive pattern I have going right now.

-One thing I’d like to add is a goal of a weekly Top it Off Thursday post in which I share a new piece of something to be worn on top. This means I’m giving myself a challenge of making a new top of some sort (shirt/jacket/headband/belt… oh the possibilities!) each week. I think it’ll be fun!

-I would also like to increase the number of sponsors I have. If you’re interested, send me an email!

-I am toying with the idea of hosting a sewing competition that’s entirely for sewn clothing. Kind of like all the others currently going on, for just clothing, but that can be worn for any age. Don’t know if there are too many competitions going on right now or not. What do you think?


I’ve been really pleased with the growth of Ruffles ‘n Such over the Christmas season. I like being an Etsy shop owner!

-I’d like to develop a spring line of scarves. Something light weight and sheer probably and maybe with a slightly different look than what I already have in the shop.

-Add two additional lines of items to the shop as well. I need to find something that will sell well and be popular through the warmer season when scarves aren’t as appealing. Right now I’m thinking some fabric belts like this one that I made for my little brother’s girlfriend for Christmas. The flowers are three different clips for her to add.

2011-12-24 064

Any suggestions for another product to add?

-I’d also like to get my Jilly Bean’s Babies shop going again. I had told myself in the fall not to worry about it until February in order to not add undue stress. I have a ton of fabric already purchased for little girl dresses, and several Ants in My Pants shirts started. I just need to get going on it. But not for another month.

-My last business goal is to get ahead and actually be able to participate in successful craft shows again. I have to work ahead to build an inventory in order to do it again. No more crazy week before crafting to make it happen.


I’m excited to make my home something I love.

-My biggest goal for the year is to add the new craft room/guest room onto our house, but quitting my job earlier than we’d originally planned threw off the timing. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it at the end of this summer. We really won’t need the space until we add another baby to our family, and since that doesn’t seem to be happening, we really don’t need to rush.

-In the mean time, we’d love to paint our kitchen cabinets white and re-do our counter tops to look like black granite. I’ve found THIS tutorial and my sister-in-law used another technique:

dan and anna's counters

Either way, I’d love to see it happen.

-I think THIS would be pretty to do under our bar:


The whole kitchen re-do would go along with new paint for our entire downstairs and new flooring. Right now our carpet looks terrible.

-My final goal for our home is one I actually had as part of my 12 by 2012. I got nine of the twelve done, so not bad. But this one I already have all the materials for, just need to find the garage to make it. So I guess cleaning the garage is another goal!



-My first goal for myself is to get organized and structured. That means establishing and following a schedule for me and Jace (I have a fun project in the works for this. I’ll share it with you once it’s done), being consistent with getting dinner started earlier and maintaining and clean house.

-My second goal is basically some projects I’d like to make for myself. These will fall in my Top it Off Thursday posts. Most of my inspiration comes from the pictures Quincee’s Boutique posts on Facebook.

quincee's boutique 3quincee's boutique 5quincee's boutique

And the rest are saved on Pinterest (click on the picture to go to the pin):



Two simple goals:

-Give more birthday gifts to friends. Keeping handmade gifts on hand will help with this.

-Start making Christmas gifts ahead of time, as in, this summer.

I’m excited to share my progress with you! Thanks for stopping by and making it through this post!


  1. I like it :) I've been thinking about actually writing down and keeping track of my goals for 2012 as well. I probably would be more likely to get some of the things done and stay on track if I had them recorded and visible to see often :) So thanks for the goal making motivation!

  2. What about selling clothing in your shop? You make such cute tops and dresses--they might make a fun spring addition :-)

  3. Great goals for 2012! I'll be praying for you as now your really getting into your routine as a stay at home mom and not with the craziness of Christmas since that's now over! Hopefully we'll still get to see you around even though your not working in our town anymore! And maybe we could have a project day once in awhile! :)


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