Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Is Well Sign

 home decor 1

I’ve had an empty space on a wall in my living room for quite some time now. I wanted a sign with a significant verse or quote on it. I loved the idea of putting a different spin on the typical lettered sign—using fabric instead of wood. The background is simply quilted strips of two beautiful fabrics. Top stitching in green thread on the thin white strips added a lovely finishing touch.
home decor 10
The real complexity came with the lettering. I used black twill tape and then used the Free Motion Foot to stitch the letters down. The lettering is on a neutral muslin and mounted on burlap. Uneven stitch lines in green and black were used to attach the words to the quilting, as well as added to the rustic and rough look of the project.


After adding the words, it still needed something, so I cut flowers from all the materials used in the sign as well as some cream felt and appliqued them on, again with the free motion foot.

home decor 8

Then entire sewn piece was then stapled to a canvas I no longer was using.


I love that we’ll now have a constant reminder in our home that no matter what happens, we can say “It is well with my soul.”

I’ll have a full tutorial to share with you tomorrow (***UPDATED: GO HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL***) (adding it here would make this a VERY long post), but here are some highlights of the process:

2012-01-02 009

Sewing each strip together…

2012-01-02 021

…Adding top stitching (I love finishing details!)…

2012-01-02 025

…pinning, pinning, pinning the lettering down…

2012-01-02 028

…carefully free styling with the sewing machine to secure the words.


  1. That is simply gorgeous.
    I love it.


  2. I giggled a bit seeing all those pins! Well done!

  3. Lovely--I would not be able to do this--but, I think it is just gorgeous! Love your blog--going back for some more viewing.

  4. Love how it's fabric!! And I love that song...I have a friend who sings it wonderfully!
    Would love for you to share this at Show & Share going on now!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! The sentiment is lovely and the amount of detail you put in has created a priceless piece of art. Well done.

  6. That's fantastic. Love the quote, and I love all your details...can't believe you sewed the words on like that! Great, great job. Beautiful! Would you consider sharing here?



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