Friday, January 27, 2012

Neutral Winter Decor

After Christmas I found myself craving a neutral, basic mantel that could really spread over any season. No winter snowflakes, no valentine red, and no overarching theme. Just nice, classy and neutral.

neutral mantel 1

Of course I found my d├ęcor stash to be severely lacking when I went digging. But a gift card and some after Christmas sales at the Craft Warehouse in Salem cheered me right up.

neutral mantel 4

The leafy stems are really pretty and iridescent. They’re new, but I put them in a glass pitcher filled with potpourri-like filler. The jar is filled with pin cones and cinnamon sticks, and the Scatter Joy sign has been hanging in my old office for the past six years. It was fun to incorporate it into my home.

neutral mantel 6

The green lantern and tall clock were also some after Christmas sale finds and I LOVE them. The lantern is filled with sugared fruit and berries for now. It’ll be fun to come up with different fillers as the year goes on. I loved the clock when I saw it because I knew it would balance out the space beside our TV. As I explained in THIS post, the TV is off center for now, so I’m enjoying the creative challenge in decorating to make that fact less obvious.

burlap flowers 2

On the other side of the living room, in the dining area, I added a touch of neutral with some burlap roses. I watched this tutorial from LaBelle Bride and then adapted it a bit. I felt like the burlap needed a little something to break up the brown, so I made a few from linen. All the roses are on bamboo skewers. And some pussy willow branches added the perfect touch for some height.

burlap flowers 3

Now if I could just finish decorating the buffet in my living room (which should include taking down my ric-rac Christmas trees).

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  1. Those roses are the best! I pinned the tutorial because I can't wait to make some. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Those burlap roses you made are amazing! I know what is on my to-do tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to share them on your blog. :)


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