Monday, January 2, 2012

So You Think You Can Sew

I’m in another competition! This one really excites me because it’s entirely based on sewing. Hence the name: So You Think You Can Sew. It’ll be a four week contest, and three people will be eliminated each week. But you want to know the best part? It isn’t anonymous. So I can make each project for my home or myself and not have to worry about disguising things! My competition is pretty incredible; I’m up against some amazing seamstresses. I’m excited for the challenge, though, and eager to make sure each project I make is useful to me now, doesn’t consume my life and doesn’t require me to dip into our general budget.

As I said, this competition works differently than the ones I’ve been in before. Because it isn’t anonymous, I actually get to share the details of my project with you here on my blog. These posts will go up each Tuesday for as long as I’m in the competition. Then, the next day, you get to vote for your favorite project over at Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night where Ashley will post highlights of each competitor’s projects. Voting is only open for a few days, so you’ll want to be sure and head over quickly. I’ll be sure and remind you when voting is open as well.

I’m excited to be challenged creatively in this way again. I love that it’s an all sewing contest. And because we can’t use patterns or follow tutorials, it’s not just a test of sewing skills, but of conceptualizing and implementing those ideas as well. And if you want to visit the blogs of the other ladies I’m up against, their entry projects are all linked up HERE.

I’ll be posting my project in just a few hours, and I can’t wait to show you! But for now, here’s a glimpse at a part of the process:

2012-01-02 024


  1. Congrats! I love seeing the amazing projects in these competitions. Good Luck!


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