Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well… it’s raining?

I haven’t had much to say in the past few days. I do have things to show you, but that’s going to require taking pictures, and it would be really helpful if the sun would come out for that. But, I live in the northwest. And if you haven’t heard, we’re in a bit of a winter storm. Scratch that. I should say almost all of the northwest is in a winter storm. I, however, live in what should be considered the hot spot in this neck of the woods. We’ve had rain. Lots of hard, heavy, cold, wet rain. And wind. But beyond a very slight dusting that was gone in a few hours, no snow. Snow makes the world bright even if the skies are fairly dark. Rain, however, does not. So, no pictures.

Want to know what I would show you? My mantel that is mostly season-neutral and makes me happy. And a pretty bouquet of burlap roses. On stems. In a white pitcher. Please imagine something pretty, because they are truly lovely.

I’m going to sew too. Want to know what I’m planning on?

quincee's boutique 6

This whole outfit from Quincee’s Boutique made me smile. So I’m going to make it. But I’ll be making a yellow cardigan and match the skirt and sweater with a black top instead. It should be simple. I’ll have tutorials. Maybe I should get off the computer to go do it?

If you’re feeling in the mood to go do some clicking and voting, go check out this round of So You Think You Can Sew. This week’s theme is apparel. I think all the projects are beautiful, but Kirstin’s Ballerina Dress is my favorite.

My husband turned 30 on Monday. Wasn’t it nice of the government to give schools, banks and public employees the day off in honor of him? (It was my dad’s birthday too… so maybe the celebration of two great guys just couldn’t be passed up.) We had a reverse surprise party for him. Some of our closest friends had us over for dinner, and then at 7, more friends started showing up. It was great, because any thought of there being a surprise party left Nolan’s mind when we got to dinner and it was just the friends we expected to see. So the doorbell ringing after dinner really surprised him.


I found an Andes Mint cake recipe from Bird on a Cake through Pinterest. I may have used a bit too much green food coloring, and my ganache may have been a bit lumpy, but the cake was amazing!

2012-01-16 007

The birthday boy with his cake, wearing one of the shirts I made him for Christmas.

2012-01-15 013

And finally, in other news, Jace and I have both become HUGE fans of being home full time. He LOVES playing with his train set and I love to watch him play contentedly. Our entire downstairs has finally become clean and is staying that way! I don’t know about you, but mundane chores become a lot more interesting when you think about how you could blog about them. So I’m thinking I might tackle organizing one spot in my house each week and sharing it with you. Maybe it’ll inspire you, maybe it’ll bore you. Either way, it will probably help me get my house in order, so it’s worth it to me.


Also, this makes me really excited. Reaching 1000 followers seemed so far off and unattainable. And then all of a sudden it happened. Thank you so much for being such incredible followers. I appreciate you all so much!

Hope you’re having a great week! I’ll be back later with some tutorials for you!


  1. That cake looks INCREDIBLE! I live in the northwest too, but right now this is what I have outside...SNOW
    If you look behind me in these pictures, you can see it. It is probably close to 2 feet! Usually I am complaining about the rain too, because we almost NEVER get snow! So maybe I can send some of this your way. =)

  2. I love how Jace is on the floor getting a good view of his train!


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